Bengkulu Kioyo I dan II Nature Reserve

Bengkulu Utara Sumatra

Kioyo I dan II Nature Reserve 

(Surat Keputusan) Menhut No. 385/Kpts-II/1985, 27 Desember 1985. Luas areal 305 hektar.
Nature Reserve KIOYO I AND II
A. Status Area
1. Appointment
appointment by Minister of Forestry Decree No.
383/Kpts-II/1985 December 27, 1985 on the Tata Guna Hutan
Agreements (TGHK), with an area of 2314.00 Ha area.
Minister of Forestry Decree No. 420/Kpts-II/1999 dated June 15
1999 about the appointment of Forest Areas in Bengkulu province
area of 920,964 ha, with an area of 305 ha area.
2. Limit Setup
Limits Pemancangan while in 1994
Definitive Limits Pemancangan 1995, the Minutes of February 20,
Authorized by Ministry of Forestry dated 5 September 1995
Limits Pemancangan while in 1996, the Minutes of 5
February 1997
Definitive Limits Pemancangan year 1997, the Minutes of March 13
Definitive Limits Pemancangan year 1991, the Minutes dated 24
November 1991
Authorized by the Minister of Forestry on October 7, 1994.
B. Fauna Flora Conditions
Flora that grows around the area of CA. Kioyo I and II are: Merbau,
Guava Wood, Nehek, Abihu, Pakaron, Rengas, Ficus benjamina (Ficus sp.), Bakau,
Type of fauna present include: Warthog, Monitor lizard, squirrel woods,
Turtle, crocodile and several species of birds: Parrots, Sea Eagle, Imperial-pigeon and
C. Physical condition
Geographically, CA. Kioyo I and II located between 05 -ª 25 ‘- 05 -ª 29’ S and
102 -ª 11 ‘- 102 -ª 15’ E.
CA government administration. Kioyo I and II located in the District
South Muko-Muko, Bengkulu Utara, Bengkulu Province. Size 433
Ha and the length of 15 Km.
State topogrfai CA area. Kioya I and II are very flat, with
slope from 0 to 3%.
This area of soil types is Litosol, Mederan and Regosol Kambisol
with the main ingredient of organic materials, coral and sand materials.
Type climate area of CA. Kioyo I and II are type A, with the number of months
larger wet than dry months.
C. Accessibility
To reach the location of the CA region. Kioyo I and II required travel
ship from Bengkulu to P. Enggano for -ª 13 hours with dilanjutka
speed boat ride kelokasi -ª 4 hours.
BKSDA Bengkulu
Jl. Mahanani No. 11
Tel. [0736] 21,697


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