Keramas Beach

Keramas Beach

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A prime example of one of Bali’s undiscovered untouristed beaches is Keramas Beach in Gianyar Regency on the island’s east coast, which hosts international surfing competitions. Located in Blahbatuh District, this uncrowded black sand beach has consistent high performance waves as high as two meters with the right tide and wind speed. Last June, Keramas held the Oakley Pro Bali competition between the world’s top 34 professional surfers from 30 countries.

To get there, follow Jl. Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra northeast and take the uneven sand and gravel road for Keramas village. The only sign is the one announcing Komune Beach, the area’s only hotel. The only visitor complaints are limited parking (there’s no parking lot to speak of) and lack of facilities which means that the locale is not prepared to accommodate the hundreds of people that show up for international surf events. If you don’t have transportation, you’ll have to hire a taxi and driver to shop, tour the area and visit other restaurants.

Komune is a safe and well-managed resort designed for surfers. Rooms are modern, stylish and clean with comfortable beds and screened louvers so you can keep the shutters open and don’t have to use air conditioning. Fresh well-prepared food, great pizzas and delicious coffee, attentive English-speaking staff and quality affordable massages in the spa are its most notable aspects. It’s a beautiful two minutes walk through the resort’s vegetable gardens to get to the amazing beachside pool area from where you can watch the epic surf break. This hotel is the only place along this stretch of beach that can guarantee you quiet and isolation.

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