Kei, Southern Kei Kecil

Southern Kei Kecil


A new bridge, crafted from reclaimed land, links with a rather old and terrifying (yet somehow still stable) suspension bridge. The bridge connects Debut with Tetoat, from which a rough road continues all the way south to the island’s cape, where you’ll discover an absolutely magnificent sweep of powdery white sand known as Pantai Ohoidertutu. In truth, the beach actually arcs for 5km from Madwaer village in the north, across a jungled river inlet, and rambles all the way to the cape. No matter where you access it, all you’ll see is blinding white sand, coconut palms and the open turquoise sea. Oh, and local children too. So bring a camera and some sweeties for the mob. Madwaer is about 41km from Langgur. Given its daily access to Ambon, you may be surprised just how remote Kei Kecil is, especially the far south. The only way down here is on a horribly rutted road by ojek (150,000Rp round trip) or rented motorbike. And if you do make this motorbike-motocross run, bring rain gear and prepare yourself for the ‘Hey Mister’ brigade. Folks will be joyfully surprised to see you.

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