Karangasem, Amlapura, Puri Agung Kanginan

Karangasem, Amlapura, Puri Agung Kanginan


Puri Agung Kanginan is a 19th century princely palace. This palace consists of three parts: Bengingah (where traditional festivals held), gardens, and residential apartments of the princely family.

Here we will enter through a gate guarded by lions. There is an artificial pond with a pavilion, the Balekambang. We can also see decoration that depict scenes from the Ramayana. Within the main palace precinct, we can find Bale London, a building which has richly carved doors and well paintings. Beside the building is the Bale Pemandesan, in which the ritual tooth-filing was performed. There also an audience hall called Puri Madura, also known as the Maskerdam.

Amlapura, Karangasem regency
80 km east of Denpasar

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