Jus alpokat, Jus alpukat

Jus alpokat, Jus alpukat

Jus alpokat (Jus alpukat)Jus-alpokat
“Alpokat” is the Malaysian (Indian) word for “avocado”. Jus Alpokat is also briefly mentioned Alpokat.

Jus Alpokat is a special Indonesian beverage. A nice cool and creamy drink made from avocado, condensed milk, sugar, chocolate syrup and ice cubes and is certainly worth a try.

For people used Jus Alpokat good ripe avocados. You must use the avocados which the skin is a bit brown or even black to sit against.

The pulp is made ​​into a blender along with milk, a little sugar, with a little salt and a handful of ice cubes.

The whole is very well mixed until a creamy and smooth arose. Next do this mass in a tall glass. Now you can be “cautious” a little chocolate syrup over do it.

Sometimes they get the chocolate syrup in the glass, while the glass is tilted and rotates while pouring. Then there until the avocado mixture. The effect of the dark brown stripes along the inside of the glass you’ll see is, is very decorative.

Jus Alpokat is a very powerful and nutritious drink, after a glass are you already pretty full.

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