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JED Village Ecotourism Network


Explore the forgotten parts of Bali
with JED Jaringan Ekowisata Desa Village Ecotourism NetworkJED, a small ecotourism network owned and run by four villages in Bali and a Balinese environmental NGO, the Wisnu Foundation.

Far from the towering hotels and throbbing nightclubs Bali is often associated with, life continues as usual in the villages. However the unique Bali blend of Hinduism and Animism, the stunning scenery and the welcoming people make the Balinese village far from ‘usual’.

JED aims to diversify and supplement the village livelihoods, support environmental education and planning in the villages and strengthen village pride in local culture and traditions.

For visitors, this means a unique opportunity to join the Balinese in their villages and learn about village life and environments from the local perspective.

Day trips to each village (although in some cases you can squeeze two into one day) include transport, a local guide, a Balinese lunch and snacks (dinner and breakfast for overnight stays).

Profits go directly to the villages for community development and environmental conservation activities.

In general, a day trip to a village for two costs around US$75.00 per person (we do have group special prices).

See our website for more detail at www.jed.or.id.

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