Jayapura, Amai Beach

Amai Beach, Jayapura

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Amay Beach  is located in  the northern coastal district of  Jayapura.  To be precise in Waija village, Depapare, about 65 KM west side of Jayapura  on a bay in the south of Tanjung Tanah Merah. Its position is  just behind Mount Cyclop.
Unlike other tourist beaches , Amay beach is  not only clean, but  also surrounded by   hills which  become solid walls with  dense forest. Amay beach  is also dotted with freshwater estuaries at the end of the beach which  bring together the salt water from the sea  and fresh water.  From the sources, the rivers bring  crystal clear fresh water which is nice and cool  for bathing, playing, and rinse your  body after swimming in the sea. Other attractions  in this area  are two old  refineries used as fuel storage during the  World War II era.
Besides  swimming, playing and rinsing your body in the river, you can also  rent a cottage at Amay beach. The  price is only  Rp. 100,000 a night. Usually this lodge will offer you fresh  fish caught by local residents. Each cottage usually is well supplied with  firewood and  burning stove for cooking  the  fish.   Under the wonderful blue sky, you can enjoy the sea air while having  dinner with grilled fish,  squid and shrimp.
To get to Amay beach is quite easy. You can use a rental car at Rp. 500,000 a day from Jayapura. It takes just  two hours to reach the. Meanwhile, if you take public transport, of course it will take more time, because it from Jayapura only  goes as far as  Depapare. And that’s after several times changing starting from Jayapura, Abepura, Sentani and Depapare.

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