Java Central, Yokjakarta, Wave Palace

Java Central, Yokjakarta, Wave Palace


Istana Ombak is a like Nirvana for surfers. A mystical bay with a hollow left one side and a hollow right on the other. Intrepid surfers have been exploring this region for a short while but only those with a knack for the language and intimate knowledge of breaks have found success. East Java Wave Palace offers a chilled out surf trip with world class surf on the doorstep.

Resort manager Rod Steeles refers to this dreamlike bay as Istanaombak translating to Wave Palace in Indonesian. An idyllic bay with palm trees to the shoreline and tall cliffs. A left flanks one side of the bay and a right the other, with a channel separating the two. A perfect bay barrelling down both sides; god couldn’t have designed it better. Placing an emphasis on sustainability and minimising their carbon foot print East Java Wave Palace ensures your visit will be relaxing, surf filled, unforgettable and environmentally minimal.

The resort is a collaborative project between the Indonesian Government, Javanese locals, Australian and Indonesian surfers. The resort provides the locals in the area with a new ecologically sustainable industry with economic benefits to the community. The resort is built to western standards and you certainly won’t be roughing it.

This area of Java is unlike the Indonesia you may have previously experienced. No hawkers, no nightclubs and best of all NO CROWDS! Just a total escape from the hustle and bustle of Western society with incredible surf, friendly locals and pristine environment and no mosquitos!

Accommodation is super comfortable in well appointed bungalows with private facilities. As you can see in the photos no expense has been spared in the construction of Wave Palace Eco Resort. All materials used are high quality and timber used is 100% local. The resort is undergoing constant improvements and early in the 2012 will see the completion of the new Infinity swimming pool which will be the ultimate place to chill in between surfs. Rod has created a piece of paradise that you will not want to leave and you will vow to return to. Those already lucky enough to stay at Wave Palace have been blown away by this incredible location.

Istanaombak the ‘wave palace’ is a bay with a left on one side and right on the other.both work at a bunch of tides and sizes. This bay is located in central Java and faces South and catchs any kind of swell. From the most west south west swell to the rare south east swell, and loads of it.
Best time of the year is the dry season May through October. But even through the wet season there is plenty of swell just the winds tend to be more variable and the trade offshore’s of the dry season aren’t as common.

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