Jatiluwih Nature Reserve

Jatiluwih Nature Reserve

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Jatiluwih, Nature Reserve, Cagar Alam,

The Bali mountain village of Jatiluwih, has become a World Heritage Site. World Heritage Sites are specific places (such as a forest, mountain range, lake, desert, building, complex, or city) of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humankind.

Located 20 kms from Tabanan, is the shadow of Gunung Batukaru, Jatiluwih features some of the most perfect rice terraces in Bali. The village of Jatiluwih is 1,500 meters above sealevel and affords magnificent views, over the rice fields and hills stretching to the coast.

Jatiluwih is close to the Eco Lodge, where my friends from Australia live. Even in the hot humid wet season, you need a sweater in the evening. In Jatiluwih, most people are involved in rice cultivation, and the village life, playing the gamelan and going to ceremonies is still the central part of daily life. A friend of mine will be doing cultural music tours in the highlands, including trips to neighboring villages and meeting with some of the skilled musicians who live there. Would be great to go if only for the scenery and the chance to visit people in a truly untouristed area.

Apparently Jatiluwih produces some of the finest rice in Indonesia, still using the old methods and old Bali rice. Suharto introduced strains that are more productive, but have less charachter and quaility. Jatiluwih produces 1,500 tonnes per year out of 300 hectares of rice field.

The Batukaru area which includes Jatiluwih is great for a slow mountain cruise on motorbike or car. Time from Kuta, 90 minutes.

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