Jambi, River Manau, Rafting

Jambi, River Manau, Rafting



Rafting here is so interesting because it crossed the hills and valleys. The more exciting because the terrain is steep and winding. The walls of the narrow gaps and cliffs of the river rapids, make rafting more exciting.

Manau River is one of the rivers in the District who has the upper Merangin in Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS). The flow of water over hills and valleys with steep terrain and winding. This river has a good field to be a place rafting sport.

The potential is exploited by Rafting Sports Association Jambi Province central of the Indonesian Association of Paddle Sports (PORDASI), as a place to exercise. Slowly but surely, sporting activities manau River rafting on the progress that was encouraging. In fact, athletes who participate practice began to arrive from outside the area. Seeing such conditions, the District Government Merangin then set manau Watershed area as a tourist destination in the district, especially for the sport of rafting. To support this, we perform the various efforts such as increasing the race, whitewater rafting, both local and national scale.

For tourists who like the sport of rafting, it is appropriate to choose manau River as one of the places to do sport. This is supported by the extreme terrain and obstacles are very challenging, like the walls of the river with a narrow slit, steep cliffs and surrounded by boulders, and river water that flowed with rapids and ready to throw anyone. By local people, the river is known as malignant, even among those who swallowed up the river to disappear into the distance at the end of the stream.

In this river, sports competitions ever held a national scale rafting three times-last held in 2007. The participants who took part in the race is pretty much white-water rafting. They come from various areas in Jambi Province as well as from other areas in the country. They come with one purpose, namely to try to conquer the wild rivers of water, extreme terrain race, and become the best of the other competitors.

Besides enjoying the challenge of river rafting sports, travelers can also enjoy treats the natural beauty along the river flow. The travelers will be entertained with a very beautiful natural scenery either when pedaling a paddle in the middle of the river and when the break following completion of the sport of rafting.

River Rafting sports activities manau contained in Air Batu Village, Kecamatan Renah Pembarab, Merangin District, Jambi Province, Indonesia. To reach the site, the tourists can use ground transportation, such as public transport (bus), a rental car or private car. The trip can be started from the city of Jambi to the Bangko City which is about 310 km with a time of about 4 hours. From City Bangko journey then continued to the location of tourist attractions, namely the Stone Water Village which is about 20 km with a travel time about 30 minutes.

On the location of tourist accommodation is not available or adequate facilities for tourists. Therefore, it is suggested, for the tourists to bring their own equipment, supplies required, such as boats, paddles, gear pumps, and equipment safety agency. If tourists want to spend the night in rafting location will need to prepare some supporting equipment, such as sleeping bags, tents for camping, and cooking equipment. If tourists require lodging and restaurants are more reasonable, it can get it at the Bangko City (Capital City District Merangin) who happened not far from the River manau.

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