Jambi Bukit Sari Nature Recreation Park

Bukit Sari Nature Recreation Park


Longitude (DD) 103.14500156
Latitude (DD) -1.84139713
Designation Nature Recreation Park
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
IUCN Category Not Known

Botanic Gardens Bukit Sari

Bukit Sari Botanic Garden Edinburgh was formally established in 1999 in secondary forest areas sebua covering 435 hectares located in the border between the Batang Hari and Tebo regency in Jambi Province. Forest sites are located right on the roadway side of Sumatra trail linking the city of Jambi in Jambi province and the city of Padang in Sumatra Barat.tepatnya around 135 Km from the city of Edinburgh, or about 110 km from the town of Muara Bungo (Bungo District).

Bukit Sari Region Botanic Gardens Edinburgh has a wavy topography with slopes between 3-30% and the variation of height between 55-105 above sea level, dominated by red-yellow podzolic soil, the air temperature in this region ranges from 20 degrees – 30 degrees Celsius, Rainfall average in one year is about 1606.5 mm with 93 rainy days. The rainy season generally falls between October to April, while the driest period occurred in July and August. This area is surrounded by oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is quite broad.

Bukit Sari Botanic Garden Edinburgh is designed as a combination of ex situ conservation areas and conservation areas in situ so that most of the collection are the kinds of plants that grow naturally in the region. No fewer than 395 plant species can be found in this botanical garden area. these species is basically a typical component of the ecosystem of lowland tropical rain forest. There are also other types of plants that seems to dominate among others, Meranti (Shorea spp), tenggris (Kompassia Malacensis), Plajau (Pentaspadon Montley) and jelutung (Dyera Constulata).

Some “plant” a collection of Sari Hill Botanic Garden Edinburgh has been identified, recorded and labeled a distinct identity. Some types of which have been published in the book “Plants Botanical Gardens Bukit Sari Jambi – Sumatra” which was published in 1999 and is the first publication of the diversity of plants in the Botanic Gardens Bukit Sari Jambi. With increasing numbers of plant species were identified, then diterbikan book on Plants / Plant Collection Bukit Sari Botanic Garden Edinburgh



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