Jakarta, Maritime Museum

Jakarta, Maritime Museum

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The Maritime museum is located not far from Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta Kota. Built in 1652, the museum was the two buildings and functioned as the Trade affairs office and as the warehouses for the various spices belonging to the Dutch colonialist. Up to now, the Maritime museum has been renovated several times and the year of the renovation is available at the entrance gate, among of which are 1718, 1719 and 1771.
 The warehouses is called Westzidsch Pakhuizen or west part river warehouses. The warehouses once housed the tea, coffee, white pepper and even clothes. The wall surrounding the building was the Jakarta city border known the city wall.
 The Syahbandar Tower, built in 1839 and functioned as the controlling station for the ships going in and out of the Sunda Kelapa port, is in front of the museum.
 The museum located on jalan Pasar Ikan, north Jakarta was officially inaugurated by the Jakarta governor, Ali Sadikin, on July 7 1977. The museum exhibits various ships from all over Indonesia, photos and pictures of old-time ports.
 The existence of the fortress in the “Ontrus”t island is explained in details. One of the unique collections is the history of the “Onrust” island existence, one of the islands in “Seribu” island. The island used to be the Dutch fortress and the dockyard. Up to now the remaining of the fortress is still found in the island.
 The location of the museum is reachable. From the Kota railway station, the 015 minibus (mikrolet), kota- Tanjung Priok routes, will take you to the museum to the Sunda Kelapa port. From Sunda Kelapa port, you can get there on foot because it is only a few meters away. In front of the museum you can find some vendors selling oysters and other sea food, and you can buy them if you wan.
 The museum opens on Mondays-Thursdays at 08:00 am- 02:00 pm, on Fridays it opens until 11:00 am and on Saturdays it opens up to 01:00 pm. The ticket price for students is Rp. 1000 and for public is Rp. 2000. And the ticket price will be cheaper when you come there up to more than 20 people.

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