Insana, Dr Theodorus (Olis) Taolin

Insana, Dr Theodorus (Olis) Taolin

Dr Theodorus (Olis) Taolin,  InsanaLike his father Raja Lorencius Taolin (died 1991) he was quite ambitious in his life and as a politician.

After the end of monarchy rule in W.-Timor in the beginning of the 1960’s,his father was camat (under-district ruler)of Insana for a long time, then also his son Crown Prince Theodorus was camat until 1991(because he then had to take up his role also as raja),succeeded by his younger brother Eddy Taolin.

Their sister Wilhelmina married a prince from Temanu (Rote;Messakh Amalo), who was still mayor of Kupang and later in all kind of ways an important politician.

Because of his political experience he was chosen in all Raja councils of Timor-W as their chief and is now also the representative of Nusa Tenggara Province in one of the main active royalty of Indonesia organisations.

He as a Roman Catholic monarch is married with a Protestant woman from the nearby lying island of Savu: Maritje Uly.

His heir is their son Don Gaspar Taolin.

The claim of the former ritual functioning Keser (Imperial ca.) dynasty of Insana isn’t a treat to their position. But it is always good to find a way to keep the harmony in the area. Dr Theodorus (Olis) Taolin,  Insana

Dr.Taolin is now vice-president of the local parliament.

His palace in OElolok is an example and virtue of local culture and history, and lies in a beautiful area.Dr Theodorus (Olis) Taolin,  Insana, palace

Dr.Taolin is an unbelievable good specialist in the history of W.-Timor and shares that with his wife.

Although Dr. Taolin is generally regarded by most as the ‘Raja of Insana’, there had not been any formalities undertaken as required by tradition with reference to the position of Raja. In the event, that any installation or formal ceremonies are undertaken with regards to the position of the Raja of Insana, Dr.Taolin is seen to be the candidate.

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