Indra Patra Fortress, Aceh, Sumatra


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Indra Patra Fortress was built by the Royal Lamuri , the first Hindu kingdom in Aceh in the period before the arrival of Islam in Aceh , namely in the seventh century AD . The fort was built in a strategic position for dealing directly with the waterway, thus serving as a bastion of the Portuguese fleet attacks . At the time of Sultan Iskandar Muda , with a powerful fleet under the command of Admiral Malahayati , as the first female admiral in the world , the fort was used as a defense of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam .

The fort is large and sturdy constructed , unique architecture , made ​​of limestone concrete . Currently the only remaining bastion number two , it was the door fort was destroyed by the tsunami . At first there are three major parts remaining fortress . Most large fortress measuring 70 x 70 meters with a height of 3 meters . There is a large and sturdy room measuring 35 x 35 meters and 4 meters high . The design of the building looks so special and sophisticated , according to its time for it to reach the inside of the castle , go through the first climb .

The fort is located near the beach Ujong Aquaculture Development , Ladong village , Masjid Raya subdistrict , Aceh Besar . Approximately 19 kilometers east of Banda Aceh.Tidak no special transport leading to the fort . When reached by private vehicles less than 35 minutes . When riding public transportation, which is labi – labi – majors Banda Aceh Krueng can be reached within 40 minutes .

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