Kawah Ijen Volcano

kawah ijen

kawah ijen

Kawah Ijen Volcano  is a lake located at the top of the mountain Ijen. Because the Ijen volcanic eruption, the crater was filled with water, forming a crater lake is very beautiful and amazing.

Ijen region located in the western part of Banyuwangi region, located between the volcanic mountains and mountains roar trim. Ijen crater lake is in the nature reserve park with a wide Ijen Tour 2560 hectares, including the forest area of 92 hectares tour. Mount Ijen volcano itself is still active. Situated on the volcano row in the eastern part of Java island, located in Banyuwangi regency and Bondowoso.

Ijen Crater Lake has a unique and distinctive charm, the greenish water of the lake surface was occasionally obscured by the billowing smoke of the sulfur in the lake. Besides this lake surface elevation reaches approximately 2384 mdpl, when viewed at close range the lake is as if boiling, because of the large air bubbles from the bottom of the lake. This is possible because of volcanic activity beneath the lake. The bubbles are sometimes followed by a blast of steam and gases harmful, so visitors should be careful when watching this lake up close.

Ijen crater lake is very beautiful views of the crater lip, occasionally we will also witness the sulfur miners down the crater to take sulfur. Ijen caldera is the largest caldera on the island of Java with a diameter of 6 km. Ijen crater lake forms an oval like elip the lake drainage area is located west of the river upstream Banyu Banyu Bitter and White. Ijen crater lake has an area of 45 hectares with a diameter of 950 meters and has a depth of 176 meters.

In the Ijen caldera encountered small hills which is a secondary volcanoes that have been extinguished. Ijen eruption recorded in history occurred only four times the years 1796, 1817, 1913, and 1936.

Increased activity of Mount Ijen also occurred in 1918, 1921, 1923, 1927, 1929, 1933, 1941. In the year 1952 eruption of smoke with a height of approximately 1000 meters from the summit, but no casualties. Because the mountain is still active so that the danger area covering 65,367 km2.

There are two routes used to reach the Ijen Crater Lake. The first route through Banyuwangi and the second route through Bondowoso. If the Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi route up angkot – Smooth – Jambu. From Jambu continued to travel by motorcycle taxi Paltuding. The main gate to the Nature Reserve Nature Trail is located in Ijen Crater Paltuding, which is also a Post PHPA (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation). Other facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors such as tourist huts and stalls that sell climbing needs to see the beauty of Ijen crater.

Paltuding walking distance from a distance of about 3 km. Initial trajectory as far as 1.5 km quite heavy because of the increase. Most of the lines with 25-35 degree slope. Heavy climb into excited again when he saw the sulfur miners hauling down the mountain with heavy sulfur from the crater could be 80 even 130 pounds. Apart from rising too sandy soil structure so that adds even more severe measures to restrain the foot due to body weight did not drop back.

After beritirahat in post (only one post along the line) then the path is relatively little flat. Besides tourists / suguhi climbers on the mountain range scenery is very beautiful. At the top of thick smoke began to smell sulfur. To come down to the crater have to cross the rocky terrain as far as 250 meters with a steep conditions.


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