Ie Boh Timon, Aceh Cucumber Limeade

Ie Boh Timon, Aceh Cucumber Limeade


Es Timun Serai
Indonesian Lemongrass Cucumber Limeade

recipe by Vitri Sidharta, modified by me

4 cucumbers, halved lengthwise, discard the seed (if you like the seed, don’t discard), and shave.
ice, crushed

Lemongrass Limeade Syrup

1 L water
225 g sugar
4 key limes, juiced
3 lemongrasses, take the white parts and bruise (alternatively, you can use frozen ground lemongrass and place in muslin bag)

1. Limeade syrup : Bring water, lemongrass, sugar, and lime juice to a boil until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat. Cool down at room temperature.

2. Serving : In a glass, add cucumber shaved and crushed ice. Pour lemongrass limeade syrup over and stir. Serve.

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