South Kalimantan Hutan Bakau Pantai Timur

Hutan Bakau Pantai Timur

Location:3-ª07′-3-ª36’S, 115-ª59′-l 16-ª12’E; southwest of Kotabaru, Kabupaten Kotabani, South Kalimantan.
Area:66,650 ha
Altitude:Sea level to 300m.
Description of site:
A large area of coastal mangrove forest and Nypa swamps adjacent to a small area of dry-land forest.
Climatic conditions:
Humid tropical climate with an annual rainfall ranging from 1,285 to 3,785 mm. The average temperature ranges from 24-ªC to 26-ªC, and the relative humidity from 40 to 42%.
Principal vegetation:
Mangrove forest with species of Avicennia, Rhizophora, Brugwera and Sonneratia, and Nypa fruzicans; lowland forest with Dipterocarpus sp, Shorea sp, Anthocephalus cadamba, Gonystylus sp and Vitex pubescens
Land tenure:State owned; managed by the Forest Management Unit of Kota Baru, Forest Service, South Kalimantan Province.
Conservation measures taken:None.
Conservation measures proposed:
The area has been proposed as a Nature Reserve.
Land use:Fisheries; forestry in surrounding areas.
Possible Changes in Land use: Disturbances and threats:
Illegal wood-cutting, especially for firewood or charcoal, and hunting.
Economic and social values:
The mangroves protect the coast from erosion, and provide a breeding and nursery area for marine fishes and crustaceans important in the local fishery.
Waterbirds known to occur in the area include species of Phalacrocorax, Egretta and Sterna, and the kingfishers Pelargopsis capensis, Halcyon chioris. Maminab include Nasaljs larvazus, Macaca fascicularis, M. nemestrina, Hylobates sp, Sus barbaftts and Muntiacus muntjak. Reptiles include the Green Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas, the monitor lizard Varanus salvator and Python sp.


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