Gunung Kelud

Gunung Kelud


Around 30km directly north of Panataran, Gunung Kelud (1731m) is one of Java’s most active, accessible and rewarding volcanoes to visit, with a plunging crater, steaming vents and a small crater lake. Kelud is in a near-permanent state of growl – an eruption in 1919 killed 5000 people and one in 2007 sent smoke 2.5km into the air and created a 250m-high cone within the caldera.

To get to the crater itself you have to walk through a 200m tunnel, built under the Japanese occupation. A torch (flashlight) isn’t necessary but will reveal many bats. To get the best perspective of Kelud you need to hike a steep path up the side of the crater.

Entrance to Gunung Kelud is controlled at a gateway 10km before the summit because of the active nature of the beast.

There’s no public transport to Kelud. The easiest way here is to hire a car or ojek from Blitar. After bargaining, the latter will do a half-day return trip via Panataran for around 80,000Rp.

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