Gunung Batukau Area

Gunung Batukau Area

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Gunung Batukau is Bali’s second-highest mountain (2276m), the third of Bali’s three major mountains and the holy peak of the island’s western end. It’s often overlooked, which is probably a good thing given what the vendor hordes have done to Gunung Agung.

You can climb its slippery slopes from one of the island’s holiest and most underrated temples, Pura Luhur Batukau, or just revel in the ancient rice-terrace greenery around Jatiluwih, which would be a fantasy if it wasn’t real. Extend your stay at lodges far up the slopes of the volcano.

There are two main approaches to the Gunung Batukau area. The easiest is via Tabanan: take the Pura Luhur Batukau road north 9km to a fork in the road, then take the left-hand turn (towards the temple) and go a further 5km to a junction near a school in Wangayagede village. Here you can continue straight to the temple or turn right (east) for the rice fields of Jatiluwih.

The other way is to approach from the east. On the main Denpasar–Singaraja road, look for a small road to the west, just south of the Pacung Indah hotel. Here you follow a series of small paved roads west until you reach the Jatiluwih rice fields. You’ll get lost, but locals will quickly set you right and the scenery is superb anyway. Combine the two routes for a nice circle tour.

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