Fort Rotterdam Indonesia, Makassar, Sulawesi

Benteng Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam Indonesia is an old fort built by the Dutch colonial government in the city of Makassar, which overlooks the harbor. It is one of the main attractions in Makassar.

Fort built by the Dutch in defending themselves around in 1667, but the structure of the first fort built in 1545 by King Tunipalangga with simple building a wall that terbuet of land. Admiral Cornelis Speelman agreed in 1667 and the fort was named as the name of his hometown, Rotterdam. Not long after the fort was rebuilt with a height of 6 meters and 2 meters thick walls, which included a Dutch housing and churches. This fort became the center of Dutch colonial rule on the island of Sulawesi. Fort Rotterdam has a function as a bastion of the Netherlands until 193 . In the 1970s the castle was restored and changed its name to the Benteng (Fort) Ujung Pandang, this castle is one of the buildings that are well maintained Dutch in Indonesia .

Fort Rotterdam Indonesia
The fort consists of five towers, four towers located in each corner and one in the main entrance. Inside are thirteen buildings, eleven were made by the Dutch and two built by the Japanese. The oldest building was constructed in 1686 and admiral approve this part of the fort called home Speelman, although he never actually lived in the house. The house was used by the Dutch governor until the mid 19th century. But now the building of this fort into a museum , and other structures used as a bed for the officers, prison or a warehouse. One of the leaders of the Java War (1825-1830), National Hero of Indonesia Prince Diponegoro, was imprisoned here for 26 years until his death in 1855.

The fort is open daily from 08:00 until 18:00.
Entrance is free but there is a donation fund around Rp. 10,000
for the museum only open Tuesday through Sunday in the morning from 08:00 to 12:30 with entrance tickets around Rp 7500

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