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Birds of Indonesia

Most of the info is from Wikipaedia and when it was possible from Naturia Singapore .
Pictures from Wikipaedia, Arkive, , Oriental Bird Images, Mandroverde, and PBase
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34 Flower and Berry-peckers, 30 with pictures and pages



Melanocharis nigra,
Black Berrypecker, 
Burungbuah Hitam

Melanocharis arfakiana,
Obscure Berrypecker,
 Burungbuah Gelap

Melanocharis longicauda,
Lemon-breasted Berrypecker,
 Burungbuah Dada-kuning

Melanocharis versteri,
 Fan-tailed Berrypecker,  Burungbuah Kipasan

x Rhamphocharis-crassirostris-th x x
Melanocharis striativentris,
Streaked Berrypecker,  Burungbuah Bercoreng
Rhamphocharis crassirostris,
Spotted Berrypecker,
Burungbuah Bertutul
Oreocharis arfaki,
Tit Berrypecker,
Burungbuah gelatik
Paramythia montium ,
Crested Berrypecker,
Burungbuah Jambul

Prionochilus maculatus,
Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker, 
Pentis Raja

Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker,
Pentis Pelangi

Prionochilus thoracicus,
Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker, 
Pentis Kumbang

Prioniturus mada ,
Buru Racket-tail
Kringkring Buru


Prionochilus xanthopygius,
Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker, 
Pentis Kalimantan

Dicaeum agile,
Thick-billed Flowerpecker,
Cabai Gesit

Dicaeum aureolimbatum,
Yellow-sided Flowerpecker,
Cabai Panggul-kuning

Grey-sided Flowerpecker,
Cabai Panggul-kelabu

Dicaeum cruentatum,
Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker, 
Cabai Merah

Dicaeum chrysorrheum,
Yellow-vented Flowerpecker,
Cabai Rimba

Dicaeum ignipectus,
Fire-breasted Flowerpecker, 
Cabai Perut-kuning

Dicaeum sanguinolentum,
Blood-breasted Flowerpecker,
Cabai Gunung

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker,
Cabai Bunga-api
 Dicaeum trochileumm,
Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker,
Burung Cabe
Dicaeum concolor,
Plain Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Polos
Dicaeum hirundinaceum,
 Cabai Benalu




Dicaeum monticolum,
Black-sided Flowerpecker
Cabai Panggul-hitam

Dicaeum annae,
Golden-rumped Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Emas

Dicaeum everetti,
Brown-backed Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Tunggir-coklat

Dicaeum nehrkorni,
Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Sulawesi



Dicaeum-pectorale-th Dicaeum-geelvinkianum-th
Dicaeum vulneratum,
Ashy Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Kelabu
Dicaeum erythrothorax,
Flame-breasted Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Dada-api
Dicaeum pectorale,
Olive-crowned Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Papua
Dicaeum geelvinkianum,
Red-capped Flowerpecker, 
Cabai Mantel-merah
Dicaeum-igniferum-th Dicaeum-maugei-th    
Dicaeum igniferum,
Black-fronted Flowerpecker,
 Cabai Dahi-hitam
Dicaeum maugei,
Blue-cheeked Flowerpecker ,
Cabai Lombok


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