Flores, Mbalata Beach Inn Cottages, Aimere

Flores,  Mbalata Beach Inn Cottages, Aimere



Mbalata beach Inn Cottage located in the eastern part of Manggarai called “Waelengga” Manggarai Timur regency near Aimere in Flores Island, it is about 45 km from Bajawa to Ruteng town.

The cottage was built on a sand integrated with Pandanous forest facing Sawu sea, cottages material composed of palm trunks, wood and bamboo and then combined with grass for roof construction and far from locals house.

Mbalata nature deserted beach, panorama makes tourist more interesting to stay there and when night falls, there is only waves sound pounding on the sand.

Mbalata Beach Inn Cottages is perfect to honeymooners on Flores Island, the room price from Rp.250.000 to Rp300.000 per night.

There are haven’t restaurants around cottages, but they will cook local food for the guests and the food price Rp.50.000 per person.

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