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Flores Labuhan Bajo To Maumere Travel

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Maumere and surrounding, volcano Kelimutu and several-day trips to Labuan Bajo and Rinca Island .

Discover Maumera and Eastern Flores…

In addition to relaxing on the beach, swimming and diving, there are many things and places to visit and to discover in the surrounding of Maumere. There are many possibilities for spontaneous half-day trips or day trips that don’t require any special preperation.

A “must see” are the tricoloured lakes of the Volcano Kelimutu near Moni, about 3,5 hours by car away from us. You can visit Kelimutu comfortably by a day trip therefor you rent a car and driver and start your tour in the early morning to return to the hotel in the afternoon.

Also to be visited in a day trip are the seaport Larantuka in the East of Flores or the village Sikka on the southern coast that is known for its unique Ikats. At all trips not only the aim is interesting for you, also the journey offers you beautiful landscapes and original villages with many possibilities for breaks to take some pictures or for a short hike or walk.

Especially interesting is a sightseeing of the traditional villages where you can watch the women while they are weaving the Ikat and get to know the inhabitants with their interesting culture, their dances and their music. As we want to support the inhabitants of the villages in maintaining and passing on the unique art of Ikat weaving to the next generation- especially the very complex procedure of dyeing the manually spun cotton with natural colour – we support the initiatives of these villages that offer Ikat – presentations and so we offer half-day trips to the mountain villages Watublapi or Hewokloang to our guests.

Also for hikers there are many possible activities directly round the corner: You can climb the nearby volcano Egon,hink to the mountain villages or walk along the beach to the market in Geliting.

You should absolutely allocate time for doing a day-trip by boat to the islands in Maumere Bay that attract with white beaches, picturesque fishing villages and dreamlike places to snorkel.

On “Flores Highway” to the Komodo dragons…

A unique tourist attraction that is world-famous and can only be found here, are the prehistoric Komodo dragons that live on the islands Komodo and Rinca. From Labuan Bajo you can reach the islands Komodo and Rinca by boat Both islands belong to the Komodo national park. About 1200 of the around 3000 Komodo dragons live on the smaller “Dragon” – Island Rinca. Because of that, Rinca Island is densely populated with Komodo dragons and it is most likely to experience these prehistoric animals in the wild. As Rinca Island is more scenic and located closer to Labuan Bajo, we recommend Rinca Island for a visit to the Komodo dragons.

There is only one road from Eastern Flores to Western Flores and we lovingly call it “Flores-Highway”. From Maumere to Labuan Bajo the way is “only” 550 km, but as the landscape is very mountainous and the “Flores Highway” is not always in good condition, you need 20 hours driving time for this route. In order to have enough time to visit all the attractions without hurry, we recommend you to allow 4 days with 3 overnight stays (in Moni, Bajawa and Ruteng) for the trip from Maumere to Labuan Bajo. If you should start your trip from Maumere to Labuan Bajo early in the morning ( 5 – 6 o’clock a.m.), 3 days and 2 overnight stays (in Bajawa und Ruteng) could also be enough. It is possible, but absolutely not recommendable, to jet from Maumere to Labuan Bajo in 2 days.

It is possible to integrate a side trip to Riung on the Northern coast of Flores and to the 17-Island-Nationalpark , if you are on your tour from Eastern Flores to Western Flores.

Another attraction is the traditional whaling in Lamalera on the island Lembata that is located east of Flores. Sightings of whales are possible between May and November. With a lot of fortune, you can also sight some whales in Maumere Bay in this time.

For your tour from Maumere to Labuan Bajo, we can glady arrange an air-conditioned car and a driver for you. Should you prefer, we would be glad to organize your individual tour with an English or German- speaking guide and all the overnight stays during your tour. Here is an extract of our offer of excursions with pictures and further descriptions:

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