Flores, Koka beach

Flores, Koka beach


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Attention to the houses along the road from Paga Maumere to finally invite the impression that the Flores people, especially Sikka, such as collecting chunks of rock are arranged neatly into a rock garden in their yard. Is this the meaning of authenticity to the person who intentionally dinampakkan much flying stop in this old island? If it is old, such as whether the way the beach?

Snaking along the 42 kilometers from the town of Maumere heading west on South Flores Traffic lines, a district named Paga give a little pause in a straight path and planted more palm trees, cashew nut, ketapang, and other trees are green rather than the composition of the rocks.

But in reality, Paga still continues charming visitors with a well-known beaches of rumors circulating of another adventure to adventure. Koka Wolowiro beach in the village was mentioned as a feast for the eyes and the inner nature of man.

When describing a beautiful place that is still a virgin, but guests had visited Europe, especially from the Netherlands in the 1990’s the Coast Koka is the best illustration. Who scouted tea plantations of old Dutch entrepreneur always has a timeless charm and the beaches have the same fascination with natural colors that can soothe the soul is the Coast Koka.

Not many people know much less visit the fine sandy beaches and golden white. Its beauty is hidden from the crowd as the world. Some fishermen usually take shelter under a tree on the beach between the two curved like a smile to one another.

Two beaches are as beautiful and as authenticity. It is conceivable, delicious grilled fish eaten fresh from the sea in the shade of the umbrella tree together.

Some women from the local village appears to have brought a variety of goods on the head as a free stunt show attraction. In the language of their bersapaan Sikka area.

They are also capable of providing the most friendly smile on the beach visitors who also tried to smile greet. All of this will be found during the walk from the edge of a smooth paved road down to the shoreline a distance of approximately 2 kilometers and taken for 30 minutes or slightly longer due to the rocky rocky road.

Shortly thereafter, a beach on the right foot as if to force the water ran clear grabbed indescribable. The beach is ideal for those who like fine sand down and clean. On the other side not far from the coast, the other a curved shore to welcome visitors, just be a picture of a fantasy come true.

Two limit ends the rock shoreline with each other. The water is clear blue eyes as a warm welcome, just as exhausted as warm water is delivered entirely on the natural friendliness kepanatan treat physical.

Nothing wrong with a priest named Theodore Joseph Visser SVD build the road as far as 2 kilometers from the beach Wolowiro Koka. So now finally waiting time for travelers interested lay in her admiration for the fine sand beaches clean.

A Dutch had lived in Watuneso, Lio Ende and East in the name of spreading the fragrant smell of Koka beach in Europe. Since then the beach is the star that was still not changed its authenticity.

If you want to visit this place, still bring water and enough food to survive on a natural beach area because none of the constructed facility or held by governments and communities themselves. (Angke / HIM)

Source: Kompas

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