Flores Kelimutu National Park Introduction

Kelimutu National Park


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Mount Kelimutu with its three colors lakes, in a local language called Kelimutu Tiwu Telu is one of the main volcanoes in Flores island. After eruption in 1886 the mount remained three crater lakes with formerly distinct colors; red, blue and white. The colors, however, have changed continually since the eruption of Mount Iya in Ende in 1969. The changes of its colors make Kelimutu different from others and become one of the attractive places to be seen.
According to the scientists, the changes caused by the geological and chemical processes in the bottom of the lakes. It could be also resulted from refraction of the sunlight, the bacteria populations and the chemicals dissolved in the water.
Kelimutu has been determined as one of the National Parks with 5300 Hectares large, which is known as Kelimutu National Park. It surrounded by forest with the rare floras and faunas such as palm trees, pine, mountain fig (casuarina yunghuniana), red wood (pterocarpus sp), edelweiss, hog (sus vitatus), javan porcupine (hystrix javanica), the giant rat (papagomys armandvellei), monkey (macaca fascicularis) and gerugiwa (kind of bird). besides natural conservation, this park is also exploited for tourist attraction gathers with parks like Leuser National Park, Kerinci, Komodo, Ujung Kulon and others.
There was a myth about the mountain. Local inhabitants believe that Kelimutu is the last place for their spirits resided and given name as Tiwu Ata Polo (Rek Lake) refers to The Giants, Tiwu Ko’o Fai Nuwa Muri (Blue Lake), to The Orphans, and Tiwu Ata Bupu (White Lake) to The Old Men. The spirits would reside on those three lakes conformed to their social status after passing the gateway called Konde Ratu.
For locals, this mountain is holy, and a token of God’s blessings, which provides fertility to the surrounding lands.
A phenomenon of three colored lakes of Kelimutu has become one of Flores’ main natural tourist destinations. The spectacular view and dramatic sights on peak of Mount Kelimutu left a deepest impression to all visitors who come and visit it. When you are at the Inspiration Point, you can view the natural panorama and beautiful sunrise. Apart from its cool climate and wonderful panorama, Three Colored Lakes of Kelimutu keeps special features as the only one of tourist attractions on earth to visit, to feel and to remind.
Latitude : 8 49 42 S Logitude : 121 55 27 E
Altitude : 800 to 1690 metres
Area : 5340 ha Wetlands: 40 ha
Legislation : SK Menhut No. 279/Kpts-II/1992, 26-2-1992.
Tenure : Sub Balai Kawasan Sumber Daya Alam
Site Description
A number of crater lakes, each with a specific water colour. They are relatively small (40ha) and lie at an altitude of about 1,600 metre within a disturbed and mostly secondary forest which, however, still provides a very scenic background to the lakes. Two of the lakes, Ata Polo and Ata Mutri, are only separated by narrow mountain wall. The water of ata Polo has a greenish colour whereas Ata Muri is turquoise. Ata Mbupu, lies a little north and almost black. The colour of the lakes is probably due to the chemical composition of minerals and gasses. The lakes are very spectacular. The forests also have a function as hydrological protection forest. The maximum depth of the lake is 60 m. The secondary forest mainly a fire-climax Casuarina forest.
Site Location
Kelimutu National Park is located on Flores. Kelimutu National Park is easy accessible from Moni (a village 52 km from Ende and can be reached by bus from Ende or Maumere). There are two pssibilities to get to the lakes. To visit the lakes at dawn can get truck or can also hike the 14 km to the top, either on the asphalted road or via the footpath through the various kampung.

List of Birds (22 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Ardea sumatrana Lower Risk
Caridonax fulgidus
Coturnix ypsilophorus
Dendrocopos moluccensis
Dicaeum sanguinolentum
Ducula lacernulata
Egretta sacra
Erythrura hyperythra
Ficedula hyperythra
Ficedula westermanni
Gallus varius
Haliastur indus App II
Hieraaetus kienerii App II
Hypothymis azurea
Lichmera lombokia
Pachycephala pectoralis
Philemon buceroides
Pluvialis dominica
Rhinomyias oscillans Lower Risk
Spizaetus cirrhatus App II
Turnix maculosa
Zosterops montanus

List of Mammals (4 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Cervus timorensis
Herpestes javanicus App III
Macaca fascicularis Lower Risk App II
Sus scrofa

List of Amphibians (1 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Oreophryne sp.

List of Reptiles (2 species)

Species Red Data Book Cites
Emoia simillimus
Mabuya multifasciata

Trichoglossus-weberi-01-200 Otus-alfredi-01-200 Sus-scrofa01-200


Trichoglossus weberi,
Leaf Lorikeet,
Perkici Flores
Otus alfredi,
Flores Scops Owl, Celepuk Flores
Sus scrofa vittatus
Potbellied Pig
Hystrix brachyura
Common Porcupine
Landak Jawa

Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge, Moni, Flores


Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge, Moni, Flores Opened in August 2010, Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge is the most recent addition to Ecolodges Indonesia. The logo symbolizes the colour of a crater lake , the free flight of endangered Hawk-Eagle species and the wide spaces of the mountain. This lodge is a gem, set beside a chuckling river. There are glorious views to the summit of Kelimutu (1,400m) and along the river valley. On the hill behind is forest and coffee, and birds. The climate is fresh, cool enough at night for a cosy quilt. It is cold at the summit at dawn! Traditional grass thatch roofing and stone from the area have been used in building, just visible from the Maumere-Ende road.The winding drive from Maumere takes two and a half hours, from Ende, one and a half, both through stunning scenery. From the Lodge to Moni village is a pleasant 15 minute walk past ricefields. Moni has a few small shops, local eateries, and on Monday and Tuesday mornings, a colourful local market. The Kelimutu National Park entrance is a short 20 minute drive , with an easy 20 minute walk, with steps, to the lakes, spectacular at any time of day. The Lodge itself has a double story main building with five upstairs bedrooms , each with its own western style bathroom with solar hot water, and superb views to the mountain, the river valley, or for birders, the tree tops. Below is the restaurant and bar and sitting area and terraces near the river. There is accommodation for 3 drivers and guides. In addition there are five chalets reached by a sloping path-no stairs-with an unusual bathroom partially open to the stars, with instant gas hot water and western fixtures. Each has its own balcony facing the mountain with chairs to relax in. All rooms have a desk, hanging space and storage, a safe box, mosquito net , quilt, towels ,soap and drinking water. The office and reception area at the gate house entrance has a hand phone, which can be used if necessary , a shop with necessities and handcrafts, and helpful staff to give information on local tours.

Tour package to Flores island and mount Kelimutu 6 days 5 nights


Tour package to Flores island and mount Kelimutu trekking 6 days 5 nights. Itinerary from Labuhan Bajo, Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende, Moni, mount Kelimutu, Moni, Maumere and back to Labuhan Bajo. Feel free to contact us for further information. Details of tour package are below:

Day 01: Labuhan Bajo – Ruteng
After breakfast we set out towards Ruteng. On the way we visit Pan Village, Old Katedral and Golo Curu hilltop. Stay for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 02: Ruteng – Bejawa
After breakfast on the way to Bajawa we visit Bena, Lang and Wage Villages, Soa hot spring. Lunch box will be provided. Stay for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Bena traditional village of BajawaBena traditional village of BajawaSoa hot spring water at Bajawa

Day 03: Bejawa – Ende – Moni
After breakfast departure for Ende. On the way we visit Non Bose hilltop, and Ndona village famous for hand weavings. Late afternoon arrive in Ende. Stay for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 04: Explore the Kalimutu Lake
After breakfast transfer you to Moni, a small village at the foot of Kelimutu Lake. Start the 2-hours hike to the lake. Return for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Climbing to Mount KelimutuMount Kelimutu three colour lakeMount Kelimutu three colour lake

Day 05: Moni – Maumere
After breakfast we set out towards Maumere. On the way we visit Leonardo Museum, Nita village famous for its hand weaving, and finally Bola fishing village. Stay for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 06:
After having breakfast, transfer to The Airport for your next destination.

Packages Inclusive:
– All Transportation (Air Condition Car, Local Transportation and Boat Cabin or non cabin).
– Hotel (Standard), 1 room for 2 people.
– Meals during on the boat.
– Fresh fruit, Breakfast and Drinking water.
– Fishing and Snorkeling Gears.
– Guide assistant during the trips.
– Insurance and Entrance fee.

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