Flores, Babi Island, Maumere

Flores, Babi Island, Maumere


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For most people, the name of the island is quite intriguing. Is there a lot of pigs so-called Pig Island?. The question is also to be my question. Apparently not, although the answer was no relationship at the animal. When you are on the plane and just above the island, then you will not wonder why the island is called a pig island, because its shape is like a pig. This site is located approximately 40 km northeast of Maumere, the capital of Sikka district. Pig Island is one of a series of volcanoes that rise to the surface forming a small island (Boediono et al., 1994). The island is circular with a diameter of 2.5 km and a height of 350 meters (Kawata et al., 1995) which is surrounded by coral reefs (Latif, 2002), fringing reef type (fringing reef). The reefs grow well in this location because it is quite clear waters of the bay (LIPI COREMAP, 2006). No wonder when we see a very attractive white sand beaches make this as a result of fragments of coral reefs in the vicinity.

This beautiful island used to be a comfortable place for its population of approximately 900 people. Sebagain magnitude of the migrants from South Sulawesi, namely Bugis. But the tsunami has caused most of them. The tsunami generated by earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.5 magnitude that occurred on December 12, 1992. The incident left a huge trauma for a fraction of the population who survived the tsunami, so they prefer to live in cities than in the island Maumere.
We will only see a few families who occupy the modest homes that are still living on the coast of the island. A mosque is also standing there. They raise goats and partly as a fisherman.

To achieve this we need to sail the island about one hour from the mainland by boat nalayan Maumere. Sea conditions are calm and very clear, it also has become an attraction for foreign tourists to bersnorkling or dive to see the beautiful coral reefs in the sea or just sunbathing on the white sand beach to enjoy the beauty. Atmosphere of a deserted beach to make us feel at home here mengahabiskan time. But when you are going to this island, do not forget to bring enough food such as bread or cake because we’re going to be difficult to get vendors selling food, except fish.

Enjoy half a day more in this place makes me realize how great God who created the natural beauty of the island of Flores adorn this. Hopefully the government and the people around him will realize this and keep it as possible so that the coast of Pulau Babi also be an alternative choice of interesting sights in the future.

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