Environmental NGO Claims Papuan Landowners Exploited

Environmental NGO Claims Papuan Landowners Exploited


Radio New Zealand
May 18, 2012

Environmental NGO Claims Papuan Landowners Exploited

An international environmental group says a Hong Kong owned oil palm
developer paid traditional landowners in Indonesia’s Papua region as
little as 65 cents a hectare for their forestland.

The London based, Environmental Investigation Agency, says the
company, PT Henrison Inti Persada, bought land and timber from the Moi
clans at extremely low prices.

It says it paid the tribesmen less than 1000 US dollars for nearly 15
square kilometres of forest.

Henrison could not be reached for comment.

But when the Hong Kong-based commodities conglomerate Noble Group
bought a majority stake in the company in 2010, industry analysts
estimated the plantation would be worth 162 million US dollars when

And it says Norway, which is providing a billion US dollars to help
Indonesia save its tropical forests, is also a major investor in Noble
Group through its sovereign wealth fund.

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