Enggano Island

Enggano Island


Enggano Island is about 100 km southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is about 35 km long from east to west and about 16 km wide from north to south. Its area is 402.6 km², the average elevation is about 100 m, and the highest point is 281 m. [1]

Politically, it is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of the North Bengkulu Regency of the Indonesian province of Bengkulu. The three largest towns on the island are Barhau, Kabuwe and Kayaapu. According to the Indonesian Kantor Statistik for Bengkulu, the island had 1420 inhabitants in 1989.[2] This number rises, according to the Pukesmas, to 1635 by 1994, with 64% of the population claiming descent from the Engganese people.[3]



There are six villages on Enggano Island, which are all located on the island’s only main road, which traverses the island’s northeast coast (Yoder 2011:6).[4]

  • Kahayapu
  • Kaana
  • Malakoni
  • Apoho
  • Meok
  • Banjarsari

Malakoni, Apoho, and Meok have more Enggano natives, and the other villages have larger immigrant populations. There are ferries to Bengkulu from Kahayapu and Malakoni (Yoder 2011:6).[4]

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