East Papua Danau Enarotali – Wissel Nature Reserve

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Danau Enarotali – Wissel Nature Reserve

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Danau Enarotali, Cagar Alam,, nature reserve
The Danau Enarotali – Wissel Nature Reserve consists of a large lake, Danau Paniai, surrounded by cultivated land and steep hills, which support lower montane and montane forests. The site comprises an area of 300,000 ha. South of the area are two smaller lakes: Danau Tage and Danau Tigi.
It depends on your convincing power and inventive mind whether you’ll reach the area. The Enarotali area is officially a prohibited area for tourists. If you want to give it a try, start in Nabire. Merpati, AMA and MAF serve the air-strip in Enarotali. Try to get a Moni chieftain as a guide. Most people have respect for these tribal chiefs and they speak the local language. Don’t expect anyone to speak English. The chieftains are your only chance to get you through territory which is normally off-limits.
* Enarotali
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A possibility exists to travel all the way from Enarotali through the mountains to the Baliem Valley, a trek of several weeks and about 300 km.

* Pygmy ringtail – Pseudochirulus mayeri
* Rohu’s bat – Philetor brachypterus
* Western water-rat – Hydromys hussoni
* Shaw Mayer’s pogonomelomys – Pogonomelomys mayeri

* Paniai Gudgeon – Oxyeleotris wisselensis

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