Tegowangi Temple, Tegowangi village, Kediri, East Java

Tegowangi Temple
Tegowangi Temple is a temple located in the village Tegowangi, Plemahan sub-district, district of Kediri, East Java. The temple is generally square facing west measuring 11.20 mix 11.20 m and a height of 4.5 m can be said to have a fairly wide area and open. And that is not less important is its location well maintained. Fence made of barbed wire surrounded the temple also neatly. But that is still lacking is a lack of signage for the location to the location of the historical sites.
The temple is dated to the year 1400 AD during the Majapahit kingdom is decorated with reliefs Sudamala stories totaling 14 panels are 3 northern side panels , 8 panels and 3 panels west side south side . This story contains a purification deity Durga in the form of ugly and evil become gods Uma in the form either by Sahadev, the youngest Pandavas.
Tegowangi temple was once the site of a contemporary dance performance titled In the Art Island Festival. Performances are followed by at least some of these countries have raised the name of the temple Tegowangi to be better known by a wide audience .

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