East Java, Remong dance

East Java, Remong dance

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Indonesian dance in many and varied and very beautiful motion of a traditional dancer ‘s body . This time will discuss about Dance Remong from areas of eastern Java .

Dance remong a welcome dance depicting typical East Java East Java dynamic character . Areas that use this dance include Surabaya , Jombang , Malang , and Situbondo . This dance is packaged as an illustration of the courage of a prince who fought in a battle. Hence the much needed masculinity dancers in this dance performance . Promoted dances around the 1900 ‘s , once used by Indonesian nationalists to communicate to the public .

When remong danced always accompanied by gamelan music in a gising consisting of bonangs , saron , xylophone , gender , slentem , zither , flute , percussion , kenong , kempul and gongs and rhythm slendro . Usually using Cadence gising jula – July Suroboyo tropongan . Remong dance can be danced with a woman or style of men’s style , both displayed simultaneously or alternately . This dance is usually displayed as the opening of an art ludruk dance or puppet .

Clothes worn by dancers from each region in eastern Java to dance remong has its own characteristics .

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