Luweng Jaran cave, Punung, Pacitan

East Java Luweng Jaran cave Punung, Pacitan
Luweng Jaran is the longest cave in Indonesia. Jaran Luweng Jlubang located in the village, district. Punung, Pacitan, East Java. Was first discovered by local residents, then the first exploration by the expedition team of the Joint Anglo – Australian, who was accompanied by a crawler Caves of Indonesia in 1984. Longest cave in Indonesia; Luweng Jaran Luweng Jaran At that time the mapping reaches 11 km, then the expedition was continued every 2 years. In 1992 the expedition returned to combine with Luweng Punung-Luweng Jaran Plente, thus reaching a total length of 19 km. In 2002 Luweng Jaran listed in the list the longest cave in the world with a total length reaching + 25 km. This cave is very dangerous in the rainy season, because it is the Swallow Hole or the disappearance of the river surface into the cave. Quite a lot of cave crawler who are stuck in this cave flooding Jaran Luweng serving a variety of beauty, challenge, as well as magic. Lay a stone ornament in every cave walls, as if unseen reliefs natural cues. Strands stalactite and stalagmite formed a rock garden, wet, beautiful, charming all at once. Forms a bumpy stone ornamentation along the hallway, is a masterpiece of nature there is no two. With a variety of sizes, there are like humans, animals, towers, there is even a miniature Grand Canyon. Why is it so challenging cave? No other because kerenggangannya level. Please note, the cave is located in the cave that Pacitan is closed to the public, with the level of ‘awesomeness’ is stunning. Imagine, just a hole cave door, which seemed bottomless, gaping opening size of 3 x 5 meters. Incredibility was not over, on the floor and walls of the cave, our eyes will dikerlipi amethyst pearl menyinar sharp, flashing highlights. But, do not carelessly picked, because the slightest wrong move, limestone walls of this cave will crack and crumble. This is why this cave is very rarely opened to the public. Only nature lovers who are trained, and equipped with complete equipment are allowed to enter it. For those who want adrenaline, it was not complete if you do not try to challenge Luweng Jaran.

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