Mount Penanggungan, East Java

Penanggungan Mountain
Mount Penanggungan a volcano that is sleeping or being in an inactive state. STEPS is often called a miniature Mount Semeru, as if in a very barren see peak conditions, similar Semeru. Elevation of about 1,653 meters above sea level, the peak underwriting rock composed of rocks and sparse trees, until when viewed from a distance like a bald head without hair.
At night, the air in the peak range of about 10-15 degrees during the day while the range of about 15-25 degrees Celsius. Starting feet to the slope below Mount Penanggungan in the form of protected forest with plants of the jungle like jempurit , kluwak , ingas , pecan , Dawung , Bendo , wilingo and Jabon . Under stands of these giant trees, growing medicinal plants like turmeric, galangal, ginger and flowers – tiny flowers. Bushy trees cause air here feels moist; the sun does not fully penetrate the soil. Up on the slopes above the overgrown Caliandra mixed with the kind of penetrating, Pundung and Sono. Caliandra red seemed to dominate, grow bushy nearly cover the surface of the ground, although its growth stunted grass.  Similarly, the state at the top; just grassroots that can grow rock hard to break through the rocks Mount Penanggungan.
Mount Penanggungan terrain not unlike the mountain – another mountain: flat, sloping, sloping, hilly and ravine. At the foot of the mountain, the terrain is sloping to the state as far as 2 km. Rise to the top of the slope ranges from 30-40 degrees. In the belly of the mountain is rather steep, ranging from 40 -50 degrees along 1 km. up on the mountain chest, many abysses – the abyss with a slope of about 50 -60 degrees; rocky along 2 km of the chest, neck until the top of the mountain. The terrain is very steep, rocky, slippery and slope around 60 -80 degrees along the 1.5 km. At the top, the rock – rock the rocks appear there – here. At the peak there is a valley, perhaps a kind of crater which is no longer active, the extent of approximately 4 ha. This place is usually comfortable place used for base camp to enjoy the beauty at night.
How to get there
To reach the peak of Mount Penanggungan there are four (4) direction of ascent is via Trawas, Jolotundo, and Ngoro and via Pandaan. For climbers who choose to start from the village Jolotundo and Ngoro, along the road will pass through the temple – the temple ancient relics. Who chose to start from the village and Pandaan Trawas hardly find ancient relics.
Trawas path.
To achieve Trawas, from Surabaya or Malang from Pandaan took a bus, minibus heading up again Trawas. During the road trip that traversed is paved. From the village Trawas, Mojokerto, we headed to the village Rondokuning (6 km) with a 4-wheel vehicle or wheel 2. From the village Rondokuning natural forests through the trail leading to the top Penanggungan takes about 3 hours. Along the way, hikers will see sights of the gap – a gap kaliandra bushy tree, which are the peak of Mount jacks Mount Penanggungan child looks haunted. The house – houses, factories – factories, rice – rice are shown below.
Jolotundo Path
To achieve Jolotundo of Trawas minibus ride again around 9 Km. Jolotundo village is one of the villages that are close to the peak of Mount Penanggungan  (6.5 Km). Climbing through Jolotundo requires a total time of 3 hours. The trip does not go through the countryside, but directly infiltrate into the natural forest. 40 -degree slope of the terrain, the trail passes through. On the right – the left there are trees – big trees. Be careful, around here many footpaths misleading. After the trip takes 1 hour, elapsed natural forest, forest changed into the torrential Caliandra the uphill road. Walk about 30 minutes past the stone gutters climber, a rock 7 miles in length without breaking, sourced from Mount Guarantee neck that extends through the woods like a rain gutter down to the village and village Jolotundo Balekambang.  Of stone gutters , continue to infiltrate Caliandra forest . Approximately 300 m, arrived at the temple Princess, a relic temple Airlangga measuring 7x7x4 m in the intact state. The temple is surrounded by a forest princess Caliandra very dense. Daughter of the temple, about 200 m up in the temple of Pure, a measuring 7x6x2 m temple made ​​of stones. Temple of Pure , approximately 150 m up in the temple Gentong. Here there is a table. Temple barrel and the table is actually not a temple, but the temple is called by the local community. Gentong  ancient relic temple made ​​of stone .  Keg lies in the north; the table is located in the south but in one location. Gentong diameter is 40 cm and 90 cm mouth piece abdomen, 15 cm thick. Body half buried in the ground. Long of the table 175 cm, 100 cm wide and 125 cm high.  After passing the temple Gentong, proceed along up, walk around 50 m up in a Shinto temple. Very poor state of the temple, 6 m long, 6 m wide, 3 m high, is located in the forest area Seloliman RPH. After passing through the forest approximately 300 m will be encountered again the temple, which temple Carik and approximately 300m Temple Ward.
Ngoro path
To achieve Ngoro could from the direction of the Direction Pandaan or Mojokerto. From the direction of Pandaan major’s minibus ride from the Mojokerto Ngoro while riding a minibus headed towards Ngoro. Ngoro village is more easily achieved through Mojokerto because it is located on the corner between Japanan majors, Kirkcaldy, Mojokerto; precisely at the foot of Mount Guarantee northern. From the village we headed to the village Ngoro Jedong ( 6 km ) to the rural transport vehicle and continue traveling towards Genting village about 3 Km . Genting Village is Community Madurese large part of the population. From the hamlet Genting, climbers ascend upward into the protected forest, passing upward along the path, then declined and passed the temple puppets and about 2 miles to the summit with a very sloping terrain between 70-80 degrees. Path through Ngoro village is more difficult than the path Jolotundo village.

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