Brahu Temple, Trowulan, East Java,

Brahu Temple
Brahu is one of the temples located in the area of the archaeological site Trowulan, the former capital of Majapahit. Precisely located in Hamlet Jambu Mente , Bejijong Village , District Trowulan , Mojokerto , East Java , about two kilometers north of the highway Mojokerto – Jombang .
The name ‘ Brahu ‘ is derived from the word wanaru or warahu, designation of a sacred building called the inscription Alasantan. The inscription was found not far from Brahu
Brahu built with red bricks, facing west with a length of 22.5 m and a width of 18 m, a height of 20 meters. Brahu built with Buddhist culture, in the 15th century AD. It is argued that this temple was much older than the other temples around Trowulan.
Written in inscription dated 9 September Empu Sendok 939 (861 Saka), Brahu an incinerator (crematorium) the remains of the kings. However, the study was not a single expert who managed to find the bodies of the former temple. This is verified after the restoration of the temple in 1990 and 1995.
Around this temple there are many small temples. Among others are Muteran Temple, Temple Gedong, Temple Tengah, and Temple Gentong. At the time of excavation, around the temple are found ancient objects, a kind of ritual tools of metal, gold jewelry, statues, and other

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