Central Kalimantan Danau Sembuluh Seruyan River Nature Reserve

Danau Sembuluh Seruyan River Nature Reserve

Latitude : 2 40 15 S Logitude : 112 18 58 E
Altitude : 0 to 30 metres
Area : 7500 ha Wetlands: 7500 ha
Site Description
A permanent blackwater lake on a tributary of the lower Seruyan river. Outlet presumed to be blocked by the levees of the main river. Associated seasonally flooded backswamps (both grass and forest) along the main river. Area known to be important for herons, but no surveys are known to have been made. These are required to determine importance. The lake is surrounded by Kereangas (heath forest) and Kerapah (the wet facies of kerangas). Recent information (Giesen 1996) states that the site is generally in a good condition, although further than several kilometres from the lake, there is a lot of shifting cultivation. The area is not rich in wildlife, but perhaps some unusual species of adapted plants and animals (fish, pitcher plant-adapted species) are to be expected.
Site Location
Danau Sembuluh is located on lower Seruyan River, Central Kalimantan.


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