Central Sulawesi, Tanjung Karang Beach

Central Sulawesi, Tanjung Karang Beach


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Tanjung Karang is located in Donggala State, about 37 km northeast of Palu. To reach the tourist sites in Tanjung Karang can travel from the city of Palu in less than 1 hour, using motorcycles, public transport or chartered cars commonly depart from the path of Imam Bonjol and Markets Inpres. Accommodation nearby is Harmony Cottage.

Tanjung Karang located in Donggala, about 37 km east of Palu. To reach this beautiful beach, from Palu, it take about 1 hour by motorcycle, public transportation That leave from Imam Bonjol street and public markets. The closest accommodation is Harmony Cottage.i

The journey from the city of Palu was also very fun. For those who can put up a camera hobby photography, because along the way will get the views of the beautiful Gulf coast of Palu on the right side of the road. Arriving in the city of Donggala, visitors will find a peaceful atmosphere with a few buildings still use the Dutch architecture. The trip is an exciting experience, with beautiful Scenery of Palu bays along the way. As you reach Donggala, you will from the colonial feel of feeling as many building still has its original Dutch architectures.

To reach Tanjung Karang beach, visitors should go on about 3 km longer. From the path toward the coast of Tanjung Karang, visitors will be able to see the sights of the Donggala city, complete with its port atmosphere. Tanjung Karang beach, white is perfect for bathing and sunbathing. Visitors can also do snorkeling and diving, for these visitors can rent equipment that has been available on the spot.

To reach the beach, you will of go forward for another 3km. From here, you will of see the (Donggala) city scenic and the port. The white and beautiful beach is a perfect place to sunbathing and swimming, as well as snorkeling and diving. Could you rent the equipments on site.

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