Central Sulawesi, Pasoso, The Turtle Island

Central Sulawesi, Pasoso, The Turtle Island


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One of the strengths of nature tourism which exists in central Sulawesi is the island of Pasoso, an island which is famous for its population of green turtles , located on the West beach of Donggala district, and entering into the administrative area of the sub-district office Balaesang.

This island is honoured with the most beautiful scenery with its sea and beaches; the beautiful environment of the beach is especially marvellous while witnessing a group of turtles ascending the shore to lay their eggs. Regarding foreign tourists, the island is especially fine for sunbathing- the sun which shines on the island all day is guaranteed to satisfy visitors.

Pasoso which by now has been designated as a turtle conservation area with spectacular sea views is great for you enthusiasts of snorkelling who will discover a beautiful unmatched underwater world. Or you can also enjoy the fascinating variety of local culture.

There are many ways of getting to Pasoso Island, but the best way is by taking a boat from a village in the district Balaesang Tambu, 108 KM north of Palu, taking about 1hr. An alternative route that is just as good is from Cape Coral; this route is the most popular as tourist businesses’ in Cape Coral prepare travel packages to Pasoso Island taking the ‘coral observer boat’ allowing visitors to wonder at the fantastic underwater view.

For enthusiasts of sport or fishing tours, there are areas around the Pasoso Island which are worth a visit.

Getting There
From Palu by minibus to mamboro terminal, and on to labean (87 kilometres) for chartered car to lambonga, then by ojek (motorcycle taxi) to a malei to chartered boat. A guide is essential, and there are no watter supplies on the island. The boat must stays with you.

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