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Lore Lindu National Park Map

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Since 1992, The Nature Conservancy has been helping to preserve the rain forests of this national park in partnership with the Directorate General of Protection and Conservation of Nature (PKA). The highly diverse ecosystems of this park include montane, cloud and monsoon forests.

The park has been declared a Man and Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The park is composed of a complex of rift valleys and steeply folded mountains stretching across 568,000 acres (217,000 hectares) in central Sulawesi.

The park provides habitat for almost all of Sulawesi’s endangered mammal species, such as:

* Mountain anoa, a dwarf buffalo once common but now rarely seen
* Babirusa, an animal resembling both pig and hippopotamus
* Three species of tarsier, the world’s smallest primate
* Tonkean macaque
* Marsupial cuscus

The park is home to 227 bird species, of which 77 are found nowhere else on Earth.

Why the Conservancy Works Here
This national park contains one of the largest intact forests in Indonesia, but it also faces a variety of threats, including a rapidly growing population in and around the park.

What the Conservancy is Doing
The Conservancy has established a comprehensive program in the park, where it is working with the park management authority (PKA) to involve local communities in park management. Key aspects of the program include:

* Developing 5 and 25-year management plans for the park
* Conducting consultations with communities, a planning technique that helps prioritize conservation targets and build community support
* Carrying out vegetation and biodiversity studies
* Introducing sustainable agriculture projects to reduce pressure on park boundaries.

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