Central Sulawesi, Lindu Lake

Central Sulawesi, Lindu Lake


Lindu lake is located at Kulawi sub-district, Donggala regency, Central Sulawesi province and part of Lore Lindu national park.  The area which is often called Lindu flatland is surrounded by mountains so that it’s difficult to be reached by motor vehicle. This land has 4 villages. They are Puroo, Langko, Tomado and Anca. Lindu area is also famous for its beautiful view. There is also a laboratory to check a disease because of Schistosomiasis worm. The worm can live among kinds of endemic snails and only exist in several places in the world.

Lindu Lake is the 8th biggest lake in Sulawesi. Lindu lake is known for its abundant fresh fish, such as mujair fish. The wide Lindu lake complex borders with setllement of residents who work as farmers and fishermen. With water and mud potential. Lindu Lake is very potential for fresh fish cultivation, such as mujair, tilapia fish and golden fish. However, villagers only cultivate mujair fish in general. 

Besides mujair fish, Lindu  Lake has also another natural product which becomes the characteristic of the region. The local people surrounding Lindu Lake plant various crops such as cocoa, vanilla and coffee. But among the plants, coffee is favorite souvenir for tourists. Even, if you come to villager’s house, you will certainly be served by a cup of hot Lindu coffee.

If you really want to enjoy the beauty of Lindu Lake nature, please take a time to camp at the lakeside.  In the morning, you can eat roasted fish and have a cup of coffee. Enjoying morning at the lakeside is the most pleasure moment, because of the fresh air and fog covering the lake. While from a distance Mt. Nokilalaki stands elegantly in the eastern part of the lakeside. To reach Lindu Lake, if you use public transportation from Palu, you have to start from Petobo terminal, from here to the South, to Sadaunta village. It takes at least 2 hours with the by paying around 40 thousand rupiah. From Sadaunta village to reach Lindu Lake, you can start the trip for one and half hours by using rented motorcycle. The cost of the rented motorcycle depends on the weather. If the weather is good the rent cost is around Rp 30,000, but if rainy season it is about Rp 50,000. To get to Lindu Lake you can take motorcycle. But, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the nature, you can take a walk for 3 hours. If the weather is not good, your trip will be hampered by mud and even there is landslide.

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