Central Sulawesi, Bongka River

Bongka River


Bongka River is a river in Sulawesi, Indonesia
It is on the coast.

Bongka River located in District Ulubongka Tojo Una – una Central Sulawesi . Upstream region , the river is actually crosses Morowali and Banggai district , discharge and river flow is quite heavy this is due to the condition of the river upstream region was still a virgin , which covers the region reached 135 842 hectares of Protected Forest ( 41.5 % ) , Forest Reserves and Forest Holidays 57 620 ( 17.6 % ) , and other forest areas . This watershed Bongka real potential to be developed as an adventure attractions , especially rafting . For sports enthusiasts Bongka river rafting is a very strategic and challenging with relatively severe degree of difficulty . Where the river flows very swift rapids plus variations with different heights and shapes will test the skills of the rafter rapids . In addition , this region has the appeal of beautiful scenery with a variety of flora and fauna that exist in the area along the river , another interesting thing that the nearby river Bongka are indigenous settlements Tau Taa Wana which also allows too witnessed the social and cultural life of indigenous peoples Ta’a while enjoying a traditional art which is still maintained by indigenous masyarakt Ta’a today . At a certain time we can see how they are wading this rushing river using bamboo raft while directing their cane will sell to the city . The climate in the upstream region can be classified according Bongka Oldeman climate , the climate classification C2 , where the rainfall situation with a wet month for 5 ± 6 months and dry months 2 ± 3 months . The average rainfall in basahberkisar minimum of 200 mm / month , and the dry months the average maximum of 100 mm / month .
Attraction is the potential for rafting attraction , for river rafting enthusiasts Bongka is very strategic and challenging with relatively severe levels of difficulty , in addition to rafting tourists can also enjoy or make observations of bird life which is the mascot maleo Tojo Una – Una and an animal endemic to Sulawesi . Other interesting things that are around the river bongka Ta’a indigenous settlements , visited him at the same time allowing the river Bongka also witnessed the social life of indigenous peoples and forest Ta’a its interaction with Tau Ta’a enjoy traditional art which is still maintained by custom Ta’a today.

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