Central Kalimantan Intro, Nature Reserves, Mining, Plantations and Golf Courses

Central Kalimantan 

Intro, Nature Reserves, Mining, Plantations and Golf Courses

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Central Kalimantan (Indonesian: Kalimantan Tengah often abbreviated to Kalteng) is one of four in Kalimantan .Its provincial capital is Palangkaraya.

The province has a population of 1.9 million (As of 2007[update] census). The population grew 2.7% annually between 1990 and 2000, one of the highest provincial growth rates in Indonesia during that time. Far more than other province in the region, Central Kalimantan is dominated by the Dayaks, the indigenous inhabitants of Borneo.


Geologically, Middle Kalimantan consists of unit of igneous rock (25%), sedimentary rock (65%) and metamorphic stone (10%). These three stone units bring mining extractive potential which is various. In this frozen unit, which in the north of Middle Kalimantan and known as “Borneo Gold Belt”, is stoned gold and silver potential also some types of nature metal. Sedimentary rock consist three big basins, each is Balito Basin , Melawi Basin , and Kutai Basin . These three basins contain oil deposit and natural gas, coal, precious metal and secondary nature metal
The number of local or outside investor has seen to mining business which entice. It can be seen from the amount of license and contact which is mode by Middle Kalimantan Local Government, start from six work contracts, 15 Coal Mining Effort Work Agreement, 289 Mining Authority, 60 Region Populace mining Permission Letters, 23 Populace Mining Permission Letter in location 87,537.94 ha.
Now In Middle Kalimantan is supplied potential 3.5 billion tons coal, consist of 1,6064 billions tons with guessed classification, and 684,931 million tons with measured classification. Its production target is 5 million tons per year, although the realization just reaches 2 million tons because of transpiration obstacle. Estimated 2009 production, will reach 20 million tons per year.

Mine Companies

Baroi prospect
Batu Api Mine, Runggan
Beruang Kanan Prospect
Beruang Tengah Prospect
Bunut gold prospect, Muller Mts
Busang gold prospect
Indo Muro gold mine, Barito Utara
Mansur Prospect, Lakapoi
Teweh Mine, Runggan

Golf Courses


Isen Mulang Golf Club

Address:Jl Cilik Riwut km 4-5
Palangkaraya – Central Kalimantan

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