Central Java, Rafting, Elo River

Central Java, Rafting, Elo River



It is a part a Progo River with a downstream located in the west part of Mount Merbabu. The river has relatively clearer water compared to the one in Progo River. Elo River’s stream grade varies from 2 to 3. Natural view of the river side is magnificent. The rafting at Elo Riverstarts in Blondo Bridge, Magelang, and ends in Mendut, or precisely around the meeting point between Progo and Elo River. The 8 km exploration takes about 2.5 hours to finish.

The fresh air and also the strategic location which is not far from several famous temples such as Mendut and Borobudur, has made the white water rafting in Elo River an activity wanted by tourists.

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