Central Java, Kedung Ombo

Central Java, Kedung Ombo


Area attractions Kedung Ombo is located in the village of Creep, District Geyer, Grobogan district approximately 29 km towards the south of the city Purwodadi. The reservoir is one of the largest dam ever built by the government. Reservoir which was built around 1980, and was completed in 1991.

Location Kedung Ombo is not only located in the District Grobogan, but a boundary between the District. Sragen and Kab. Boyolali. The reservoir was built at the confluence of the River Attack uter and are located right in Hamlet Kedungombo Ngrambat Village, District Geyer, Grobogan district.

Kedung Ombo region has an area of ​​approximately 6576 hectares of land comprising an area of ​​2830 hectares and waters lying land area of ​​3746 Ha. There are plenty of trees that grow in the area of ​​the reservoir so as to make the atmosphere more beautiful and lush that make the visitors feel at home there.

Besides of the beautiful scenery, for visitors who like to sail, there is also provided services or adventuring around the dam by boat. Plus there is a children’s play area which is green and lush so it makes children feel at home playing there.

If you buff grilled fish or fished hobby? Do not worry, Kedung Ombo where fishing is also available as well as stalls selling a variety of processed foods made ​​from fish. Once down from the vehicle in the parking lot, the smell of fragrant baked or fried fish immediately ambushed, inviting appetite.

In the area Kedung Ombo, precisely in the village Ngargotirto, has built racetrack along a 600 meter track. Racetrack named ‘Nyi Ageng Attack’ is a miniature of the racecourse Pulo Mas Jakarta. In December 2006 ago at the site held horseracing national championship trophy fight Governor of Central Java.

The potential for tourism development is to multiply the homestay which together with the houses, so that the tourists can stay longer in the region Kedung Ombo. The existence of homestay tourists can make a close look at the daily life of the community, and even to live like the locals, after a time.

  Investments can also be planted in the aquaculture sector with methods cages and furnished cages restaurant. On the banks surrounding the reservoir, suitable for developing agribusiness fruits and vegetables. Besides being close to the source of water taken from the reservoir, reservoir water quality was also clean of pollutants.

If you do not want to jump half a tourism business, investors can develop an integrated tourist complex in Kedung Ombo. Investors can take advantage of the attractions of water, cages and floating restaurant, and the racetrack are already available, while building agribusiness tour, safari parks, golf courses, and a cable car to enjoy the view from the heights MBO Kedungo complex. When integrated tourist complex has been established, visitors will surely acquire an impressive adventure, unique, and missed.

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