Kelia sumatera, Sumatran beef curry dish

Kelia sumatera, Sumatran beef curry dish

Kelia sumateraKelia-sumtera
An original Sumatran beef curry dish with potatoes and


1 kilogram of beefsteak
4 large onions
8 cloves of garlic
4 cm piece of fresh ginger
1 stalk lemon grass
2-3 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 tbsp. ketoembar
2 tsp. cumin
3/4 tsp. turmeric
3/4 tsp. trassi
5 cups thin santen
2 daon djeroek poeroet (citrus leaves)
2-3 fresh red chilies
8 kemiri nuts
10 small new potatoes
Any cooked white rice (about 400 gr.)

Cut the meat into small cubes not.
Peel the onion and garlic, peel the ginger and chop everything coarsely.
Pull the dry layers of the lemongrass and use only the thick part, chop it coarsely.
Grind the onion, garlic, ginger and lemongrass to paste in the tjobek / mortar.
Heat the oil in a frying pan and brown the meat on all sides to, put it on a plate.

Then fry the spice paste, stirring 5 minutes. Add the coriander. cumin, turmeric and shrimp paste and fry briefly. Pour the santen there, add the citrus leaves and bring to a boil, let simmer 5-6 minutes.
Meanwhile, cut the peppers open, scrape out the seeds and add the peppers to the sauce. Chop or grind the Kemiries fine and stir into the sauce, season to taste with salt.
Put the meat in and let hedged, approximately, 1.5 hours on low heat to simmer quite soft. Add any extra santen or water during cooking.

Clear the small potatoes and let them enjoy it simmer until they are tender and the sauce is thick. Sprinkle as desired with chopped shallots trail. 

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Index English  for Sumatra food
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Es Timun Aceh, Acehnese Iced Cucumber Limeade

Es Timun Aceh, Acehnese Iced Cucumber Limeade


2 cucumbers, halved lengthwise, discard the seed (if you like the seed, don’t discard), and shave.
ice, crushed

Limeade syrup
500 ml water
100 gram sugar
1 lime, juiced

1. Limeade syrup : Bring water, sugar, and lime juice to a boil until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat. Cool down at room temperature.
2. Serving : In a glass, add cucumber shaved and crushed ice. Pour limeade syrup over. Serve.

Kari Deli with Roti Jala, Beef Curry-Deli Style with Net Flatbread

Kari Deli with Roti Jala, Beef Curry-Deli Style with Net Flatbread


500 g beef brisket (can be substituted for chicken), cubed as desired
250 g potatoes, cubed as desired
500 ml coconut milk
6 shallots, finely sliced
3 cloves garlic, finely sliced
4 cloves
4 cardamom
3 star anises
5 curry leaves
1 cm length ginger
salt as desired
oil for stir frying

Grind into a paste:
4 shallots
2 cloves garlic
6 dried red chillies
1 tbsp coriander seed
1 1/2 tsp cumin
ginger as desired
1/2 cm length dried turmeric ( I substituted for 1/8 tsp turmeric powder)

Roti Jala
500 g all purpose flour
3 eggs
500 ml water
salt as desired
1 drop yellow food color (you can omit this)

1. Stir fry slices of garlics and shallots, cloves, cardamom, star anise, curry leaves, and ginger until fragrant.
2. Add spices paste, stir evenly.
3. Add brisket and coconut milk, cook at low heat until tendered.
4. Add potatoes and cook until done. Remove from heat.
5. Serve with roti jala.

Roti Jala
1. Combine all ingredients to make roti jala. Stir evenly until mixture thicken and sift.
2. Pour the dough mixture into a plastic bag, tie up and make a small hole for drizzling the mixture on a pan.
3. Use a non stick crepe pan, pour the mixture over and make a round net shaped.
4. Cook until dry, set aside and fold into 4 parts.
5. Do method # 3 and # 4 until all the mixture done. ,

Sambal Lado Mudo, Minangese Green Chilies Sambal

Sambal Lado Mudo


Samba Lado Mudo (Minangese Green Chilies Sambal) Modified by me
25 long green chillies
8 shallots (for smaller shallot like in Indonesia, use 16 shallots)
4 tomatillos (original recipe is supposed to add green unripe tomatoes)
100 g teri medan (dried tiny silver anchovies)
5 tbsp oil
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
salt and sugar to season
A Package of Teri Medan Teri Medan

1. Steam long green chilies and shallots (some people like to steam the tomatoes as well) for about 5 minutes.
2. In a food processor or blender, place tomatillos, steamed green chillies and shallots. Do not process too smooth, just roughly blended. I myself processed too smooth.
2. In a skillet, place oil and heat it over medium-high. Fry dried anchovies until golden brown. Remove the anchovies.
3. Heat the remaining oil in same skillet, stir fry the blended ingredients until wilted. Add fried anchovies, stir evenly. Add lime juice, sugar and salt, stir evenly. Remove from the heat. Ready to eat as a condiment. I put mine in a sterilized jar, so I can keep it longer in the fridge.

Gulai Ikan Kembung Khas Aceh, Mackerel Curry

Gulai Ikan Kembung Khas Aceh, Mackerel Curry


300 g Indian mackerel (Indonesian: ikan kembung)
3 kaffir lime leaves
8 curry leaves (Indonesian: daun salam koja, daun temurui)
1 stalk lemon grass, white part only, bruised
400 ml coconut milk
sea salt
2 asam sunti (sun-dried bilimbi)
1 calamansi (Indonesian: jeruk kesturi, lemon cui)

Spices to Grind:
5 shallots
2 cloves garlic
3 fresh red chilies
1 fresh green chili
1 cm turmeric, toasted
2 candlenuts, toasted

For Marinating:
1 teaspoon calamansi juice by squeezing fresh calamansi
sea salt as desired

1. Preheat the oven at 350F.
2. Marinate fish for 30 minutes with salt & calamansi juice.
3. Bake fish in a oven for 10-15 minutes.
3. Heat oil in a wok and sauté ground spices, kaffir lime leaves, curry leaves and lemon grass until fragrant.
5. Add coconut milk, asam sunti and let to a boil.
6. Add the baked fish and cook until thickened.
7. Add calamansi juice and salt, stir evenly, and remove the heat. Serve with warmed cooked rice.

Balado, Tangy Chili Sambal, West Sumatra

Balado, Tangy Chili Sambal, West Sumatra


500 g king mackerel fish steak (Indonesian: tenggiri raja)
1 Chinese/Japanese eggplant, rinse off and cut as desired
10 petais
5 calamansis
raw sugar as desired
seasalt as desired

Balado Sambal
6 shallots (you will need more than 6, if you use smaller size shallots, since here, the shallots are bigger than in Indonesia)
1/2 cup fresh ground red hot chilies
1 tsp terasi (dried shrimp paste)
2 kaffir lime leaves
4 cherry tomatoes (Indonesian: tomat rampai/tomat sambal), halved

1. Marinate fish with calamansi and seasalt for 15 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, at 400F, bake eggplant cut with a small amount of oil for 15 minutes or until soft, but not mushy. Set aside.
3. Grill, broil, pan-sear or deep fry fish until golden brown. Set aside.

1. Grind shallot and terasi, combine with fresh ground red chilies.
2. Stir fry the ground spices and kaffir lime leaves until fragrant.
3. Add petai, tomatoes, and fish; keep stirring until well mixed. Last but not least, add eggplant and drizzle calamansi over, and season with sugar and salt; well-strred. Remove from the heat. Serve with warmed rice.

Asparagus Balado
modified by me

400 g asparagus spears
olive oil (only if you want to grill them)

Balado Sambal
See the recipe above.

1. Asparagus can be grilled, steam or boil. Holding each asparagus spear at base and halfway up stalk, bend just until stalk snaps at natural breaking point. Follow this instruction, only if you want to boil the asparagus. Pour water into large skillet to depth of 1 inch (2.5 cm); bring to boil. Arrange spears in 2 layers in water. Cover and cook for 2 minutes or until bright green and still crisp. Drain; chill under cold water. Drain; set aside on towels.

2. To make asparagus balado, follow balado’s instruction by omitting petai, fish and eggplant, just add tomatoes and asparagus.

Gulai Paku Pakis, Minang Fiddleheads Curry

Gulai Paku Pakis, Minang Fiddleheads Curry


Gulai Paku
source: the internet, modified by me

300 g edible fiddleheads, rinse off
500 mL thin coconut milk
100 g tiny silver anchovies (I used silver anchovies)
1 lemongrass, take the white part and bruised
1 cm length galangal
2 pieces asam kandis (I used kokam)
15 ruku-ruku leaves or can be substituted for lemon basil (I didn’t add any)
1 turmeric leaf
2 kaffir lime leaves
2 Indonesian bay leaves

Blend the spices into a paste:
red chilies, as desired (I used a mix between green chilies and red chilied powder)
7 shallots
2 cloves garlic
4 tbsp coconut milk
1 cm length turmeric
1 cm length ginger
1/2 tsp dried shrimp paste, roasted (most recipes don’t add this)
salt as desired

1. Transfer the spiced paste into a saucepan, simmer and stiring often about 6 – 8 minutes.
2. Add thick coconut milk, asam kandis, lemon grass, galangal and all the leaves. Bring to almost a boil, then simmer for 25 – 30 minutes, stirring often.
3. Add fiddleheads and continue to simmer until the fiddleheads are almost cooked, then add silver anchovies and continue simmering until cooked

In this case, I made the fiddleheads were still crunchy.

Gulai Manis Rajungan, West Sumatran Blue Crab Curry

Gulai Manis Rajungan, West Sumatran Blue Crab Curry


Gulai Manis Rajungan
West Sumatran Blue Crab Curry
recipe by Tabloid Nova, modified by me

5 – 6 blue crabs, brushed
1200 ml coconut milk (I combined 1000 ml coconut milk, 1/4 cup coconut cream, and 200 ml clam juice)
4 red/cayenne chilies, cut lengthwise
2 asam kandis (can be substituted for kokkam or gorakha, find this ingredient at Indian/Carribean stores)
2 lemongrasses, take the white parts and bruise
oil for stir fry

Grind into spices (bumbu/rempah) a paste
7 shallots
3 cloves garlic
3 cm long turmeric, roasted and peeled (can be used for turmeric powder instead)
2 cm long ginger, peeled
2 cm long galangal
1 tsp whitepeppercorn
1 tsp coroander seed
1 1/2 tsp kosher salt

1. Steam the crabs until turn colour.

2. At medium – high, heat up the oil in a pot. Stir fry bumbu/rempah paste until fragrant. Add chilies and cook until wilted.

3. Reduce the heat. Add clam juice, coconut cream and coconut milk.

4. Stir occasionally in order to have a good mixture not bursted one unti it’s boiled.

5. Add crabs and asam kandis, cook until the liquid thicken. Remove and serve with rice.