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Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park map

World Heritage of the Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra

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 Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park is a national park in Sumatra, Indonesia. The park has a total area of 3,568 km², and spans three provinces: Lampung, Bengkulu, and South Sumatra. Together with Gunung Leuser and Kerinci Seblat national parks it forms a World Heritage Site, Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra


Bengkulu Sumatra Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Introduction

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park



Kantor Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan Jl.Raya Terbaya, Kota Agung Kantor Rayon Taman Nasional Bagian Utara Jl. Nusantara II 47, Liwa KSDA Jl. Raya Hajimena 1/b, Bandar Lampung
This national park comprises the southern part (365.000 ha.) of the Bukit Barisan Mountains. In the park several sorts of forest ecosystems occur. Seventy percent of the park is lowland rainforest. Smaller areas consist of beach forest, freshwater swamp forest, Nypa forest and hill and mountain forest. You’ll also find lakes and swampy areas which are important for waterfowl. Several species of sea turtle lie their eggs on the beaches.
There is hardly any touristic development in the park. Howerver, you can visit the park but this will take some perseverance. The advantage is that there are little other tourists to be found.
There are four possibilities to enter the park. Permits are available from the PHPA office in Kota Agung. For Liwa you can get a permit in the rayon office in Liwa.
Kubu Perahu Kubu Perahu is attainable from Bandar Lampung (station Rajabasa). Take a bus with destination Liwa or Krui. Kubu Perahu lies 6km from Liwa, on teh road to Krui. Suwoh A more difficult access because a part of the road to the park is not metalled. For Suwoh take a bus from Bandar Lampung (station Rajabasa) to Kota Agung. From Kota Agung minibuses go to Sedaya. From Sedaya take an ojek (motorcycle) to Suwoh. This trip is only possible during the dry season. Sukaraja Atas Sukaraja Atas is as difficult to reach as Suwoh. For Sukaraja travel the same way to Sedaya. From Sedaya take an ojek to Sukaraja Atas. Tampang-Belimbing This is the most developed area of the park. Take a bus from Bandar Lampung to Kota Agung. In Kota Agung go to the harbour by minibus and take a boat along the coast to Tampang. The boat-trip will take 5-7 hours.
There are some simple losmen in Liwa and Kota Agung. Other possibilities are the PHPA offices or stay with the local people.
Kubu Perahu Kubu Perahu waterfalls 1 day Suwoh Suwoh lakes/hot springs 1 day Sukaraja Atas Sukaraja Atas-rainforest 1 day Tampang-Belimbing Tampang-Belimbing (23km through the forest) 1 day Tampang-Belimbing (24km along the beach) 1-2 days
In the lowland Dipterocarp rainforest grow Rafflesia and Amorphophallus deculssilvae. Beach forest consists of Casuarine equisetifolia, Pandanus and Ketapang (Terminalia catapa). Shorea spp., Dipterocarpus spp., Arctocarpus spp., Hopea spp., Agathis spp. and Durio spp.
Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Tapir, Sumatran Elephant, Sumatran Serow, Siamang, Agile Gibbon, Clouded Leopard, Wild Dog.
Reticulated Python, Water Monitor, Green Turtle, Leatherback Turtle

Bengkulu Sumatra Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Tigers

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park

Sumatran Tigers

Barisan Selatan National Park comprises of 365,000 hectares of forest in the Bukit Barisan Mountains. Sumatran tigers, the Malayan tapir, elephant, Sumatran serow, siamang, agile gibbons, clouded leopards, wild dogs, reticulated pythons, water monitors, squirrels the size of large cats, a rare viable population of Sumatran rhinoceros; these are just a handful of the animals found here.

It is estimated that 9-13 males and 18-22 females live within Barisan Selatan National Park, but these have fragmented into five small groups. Fortunately their distance from one another is not so great that the groups cannot interact, and the habitat between them is quite suitable for tigers.

This National Park has major poaching problems. In the period between 1998-2000 sixty-six Sumatran tigers were killed; this is nearly 20 percent of the total Sumatran tiger population — and 24 of them came from Bukit Barisan Selatan.

In an effort to control the problem, anti-poaching squads have been set up at Barisan Selatan, Way Kambas and Kerinci Seblat National Parks; these consist of a villager and three forestry officers. Very few arrests are ever made as the patrols fear retaliation, evidence is difficult to collect, and those few cases that make it to court receive light sentences on an equivalent with chicken stealing.

Clearing for agricultural use and illegal logging is steadily eating into park boundaries. Remote sensing is being used to establish when there will no longer be enough habitat to sustain tigers, rhinos, or tapirs. Already satellite imagery has shown tigers are being forced into much smaller areas.