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Tinabo Island Dive Resort Tinabo Island Resort, Taka Bonerate, IndonesiaTinabo Island Dive Resort is located in the heart of one of the richest place of marine biodiversity in the world, Taka Bonerate archipelago (Kepulauan Taka Bonerate), South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. It has everything that you are looking for if you are a sea-lover. Among those islands there, we chose Tinabo Island as our base to enjoy diving, snorkeling, or just lay down under the sun avoiding hustle and bustle modern life. Our island is a small beautiful island, with length around 1,5 kilometers and width 400 meters, surrounded by greenish blue crystal clear water and protected by several other un-inhabitant islands. All the beach surround is white sandy beach. For the crazy beginner and advance diver, this place offers abundance of possibilities; as the contour has wall, slope, and flat seabed. Each dive will give different level of experiences. For hardcore underwater photographer, dive spots around Tinabo Island offers many challenges, as the variety of objects are a lot and visibility most of the time is 30-50 meters, even more. Easily you can find one of rare critters like flatworms, nudibranches, shrimps, crocodile fish, turtles, cuttlefish, in almost every dive. Some times you can see also shark, eagle ray, manta ray, bump head passing by. We even have resident lobster, pipe fishes, and batfishes near the jetty. Star fish, Taka Bonerate, Indonesia Those beauties underwater sight are not only for scuba divers, as a lot of places has beautiful soft corals and colorful fishes moving around just only 1-5 meter from surface. This will be heaven place for a snorkeller as well. As we are the only human there, no other people outside us, some of our guests like to book the island privately to enjoy the nature there. Imagine that you can be together there with your big family, or with your close colleagues, or with your club members, ..you decide it!. You can enjoy the island, you yourself with your love ones. It will be a priceless moment. How to get There Transport Mode Basically you need to come to Makassar city first, transit at Selayar Island, then go to Tinabo Island at Taka Bonerate National Park. You can choose several options or combination of it as you can see in the picture below; by land transport, boat, or airplane. What if I come from other country ? From other country, the very close main and international airport to our place is Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (IATA: UPG) at Makassar City, the city which formerly known as Ujung Pandang. It is in South Sulawesi province, in Indonesia. There are several ways to go to here: 1. By flight to Makassar City 2. By flight to Selayar Island After arrive at Makassar City, beside by land transport, you have option to take local flight to Selayar Island. Double check on below schedule, to consider whether you need to spend a night at Makassar before continue to Selayar Island. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, there is flight from Makassar airport to Selayar Island, vice versa, run by Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter (SMAC). They use small propeller aircraft for about 20 passengers. It takes around 50 minutes to go to airstrip at Selayar. On January 2010, it cost around USD 28 per passenger a way with 10 kg free bagage. Currently, ticket must be bought locally and settled locally at Makassar. As seats are limited, they always experience high demand on the reservation. Ticket reservation is recommended to be settled even 4 weeks before departure date. For your convenient purpose, we can help to arrange it. Please contact tinabo.island@gmail.com for this arrangement. As explained earlier, SMAC only gives service twice a week and has unique pattern of departure time. So if you want to take flight back from Tinabo Island after dive, bear in mind to consider your 24 hours no-fly-time before fly. 3. By land transport a. Car Driving For those of you who prefer to take land-transport, there is another choice to go to Tinabo Island. Driving your own car (or rental car) from Makassar City to Tanjung Bira, the last small town in Sulawesi mainland to Selayar Island, needs around 6-8 hours. The other reason for taking car is because of the journey itself. The sight is very beautiful, where you can see many interest things along the way, such as long beach, fisherman villages, boat makers villages, steppe, and salt maker villages. Arrived at Tanjung Bira, you go ahead directly to ferry port and buy the ticket to go to Selayar Island on the counter. Currently ferry departs to Selayar around 2 PM local time and take about 2 hours journey. As it only has one schedule per day (Selayar-Tanjung Bira on morning; Tanjung Bira-Selayar on afternoon), and if you don’t want to spend the night at Tanjung Bira, please be aware of the schedule, plan your trip from Makassar wisely. Anyway, Tanjung Bira is a nice place also, a lot of small motel there. People also like to hang out and dive around there. After arrived at ferry port at Selayar, you need another 1 hour to our jetty. The sight is extremely exotic, so tropical characteristic with array of coconuts tree beside the streets, interrupted temporarily by beaches, boats, and fishermen villages. About an hour drive you will reach Benteng City, the one and only city at Selayar Island. The jetty is located here as well. Another cheaper options is by using public bus from Makassar City to Benteng at Selayar. It takes around 12 hours, the same route as if you drive car. Interestingly, even though it takes long hour journey by land transport, there are many divers that like to choose it as well. It is because they want to maximize their diving time at Tinabo Island, so they can enjoy all the trip without limited by no-fly-time after dive. 4. By Boat After transit at Selayar, then you will be picked up by our boat to Tinabo Island. Trip will be 4 hours. So make sure you know what kind of of transport you will choose to go there. If you are still not sure how to choose, let us help you by contact our email. Additional Services: As for convenience for our guests, we usually arrange all the things since Makassar City to Tinabo Island, as many administrative stuff are handled locally and offline. It will save your time and money, so you can enjoy the trip peacefully. Later on, if you have any plan to go dive at Taka Bonerate, South Sulawesi, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Times Season In the area of Taka Bonerate we can dive all year around. However to get there from Makassar or Selayar by boat is best from around mid March until end of December. West monsoon season happens between end of December until mid March. During this time, usually the condition of the sea is a bit choppy, it is not so convenient to go by boat at that time. East monsoon season is around July-August. The best time is still between March until December, where sea surface most of the time is very smooth like mirror. When you like do night dive, sea surface will reflect the shine of moon nicely. Water current also considered mild to none. Some places always have current because of its geography, but in average dive-spots there is considered no current. However fish likes current, so some of the best dive spot definitely has current, at least mild. March until November is dry season for all Indonesia part, including Tinabo Island. Expect hot humid weather on the island, and always shield under the tree to avoid dehydration. However some times rain hard happened with a bit strong wind. Time Zone Indonesia has three time zones, Western Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Barat – WIB), Central Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Tengah – WITA), and Eastern Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Timur – WIT). Tinabo Island is in Central Time Zone, which is UTC/GMT +8 hours. Dawn time is around 04:50-05:40 and dusk time is around 18:05 (on 2010). Dive Itinerary The most common itinerary that our guests chose are two: 8 Day 7 Night (8D 7N) or 4 Day 3 Night (4D 3N). It is because of the flight schedule from Makassar-Selayar-Makassar. Currently, there is only one airline serves this route and flies only two days in a week, Tuesday and Friday. There are no other flight on the other day. Please note that there is already flight from Denpasar-Selayar once a week, every Thursday. However, if you don’t have any plan to go by flight, by land transport for example, it will be up to you to arrange the date schedule. The constraint will only be the ferry schedule from Selayar to Sulawesi Island, but it’s twice a day morning and afternoon time. For non-divers, the same schedule is applicable as well. Kindly check more detail with our staff, via email. Facilities Currently we provide: Bedrooms – 2 rooms for twin sharing base (one big bed for two person). – 2 rooms for triple sharing base (one big bed for two person and 1 small bed for 1 person) – On those 4 rooms, there are still enough space to have extra bed if you want. – All the beds are spring bed. RATES; Type Diver Snorkeller Others Price / day USD 150 USD 70 USD 40 Component Accomodation Yes (spring bed, fan, cupboard) Bathroom Yes (sharing basis) Meals (1) 3 x Snack, softdrink No Dive / Snorkelling per day 3 x 3x by boat Not available Dive guide Yes Not available Boat for dive Yes Not available National Park Entry Fee Yes Dive tank, weight, belt Yes Not available Rental Dive Gear (2) rental basis Flight Makassar-Selayar-Makassar (3) Yes Underwater camera tank Yes Camera platform (4) Yes Boat Selayar – Tinabo – Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Accomodation at Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Land transport at Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Airport pickup at Makassar exclusive but arrangeable Land transport Makassar-Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Note: (1) or as scheduled in the itinerary (2) Rental gear is optional and charged per item on daily basis (3) For minimum 4 Day trip to Tinabo (inclusive (free bagage 10 kgs) (4) Special room, complete with 10 tables for SLR-underwater-camera-housing size and electric plug Bedrooms – 2 rooms for twin sharing base (one big bed for two person). – 2 rooms for triple sharing base (one big bed for two person and 1 small bed for 1 person) – On those 4 rooms, there are still enough space to have extra bed if you want. – All the beds are spring bed. Bedroom All rooms has fan. The interior is designed nicely so the flow of air circulation is very good all the time. Bathroom Bathroom are sharing basis. Communication There is no cell phone signal on the island. We do communication by using marine radio and citizen band (CB) radio. Scuba Diving Gear We have 8 full set of rental gear (BCD, mask, snorkel, fin, regulator, SPG). There is no rental underwater camera and dive-comp. Storage Room There is one big store room to put all of your diving-gear. Complete with some big buckets to put your underwater housing camera.


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s have beeWelcome to Patuno Resort Wakatobi Situated in the heart of the Wakatobi region you can’t get better than Patuno Resort Wakatobi. This beautifully designed Wakatobi resort offers the perfect get away or romantic retreat and appeals to divers and non-divers, international guests and Indonesian guests alike. Whether you are looking for a busy activities packed holiday, or a quite place to kick back and relax, Patuno Resort Wakatobi is the perfect choice. Our high standard accommodation along with the natural beauty of the Wakatobi makes for the perfect destination; be it for a Wakatobi diving holiday, a Wakatobi weekender, a romantic Wakatobi honeymoon, a Wakatobi wedding, a Wakatobi business conference, or a Wakatobi reunion with old friends. White sand beaches, wonderful Wakatobi diving, a comfortable and luxurious resort, quality service, and a good range of tasty international and Indonesian cuisines enjoyed on our jetty restaurant…………… Where better to get away from it all ! ? How to Find Us Getting to the Wakatobi has never been easier. Patuno Resort Wakatobi is the Wakatobi’s most accessible Resort, situated only a 10 minute drive from the Matahora Airport in Wangi-Wangi. The Wakatobi National Marine Park encompasses over 12 thousand hectares of protected marine park and is made up of four main islands; WAngi-Wangi, KAledupa, TOmia and BInongko. Wakatobi MapThe Express Air Plane transits briefly in Bau-Bau airport before flying on to the Wakatobi.The Wakatobi Airport is serviced by daily Express Air flights from Makassar. The flight route is Makassar – Bau-Bau – Wangi-Wangi – Bau-Bau – Makassar. The flight arrives in Wakatobi at approx 10.45am each day, and departs at 11.15 each day. On Thursdays and Saturdays the flight Schedule is slightly different as the plane also goes to Kendari and back (from the Wakatobi) It is also possible to connect directly with Express Air flights to and from Jakarta and Surabaya in Makassar, and a range of other destinations such as Bali, Manado and Komodo can be accessed easily with the large range of flight companies operating from Makassar Airport. If you are coming from outside of Indonesia it is easiest to book an international flight into Jakarta International airport. It is then possible to take an Express Air flight from Jakarta to Wangi-Wangi, transiting in Makassar. Return flights with Express Air from Makassar to Wangi-Wangi cost approximately Rp 2,000,000 per person. For your information Express Air has a limited baggage allowance of 10kgs of checked in baggage per passenger. This is due to the capacity of the airplane which can accommodate only 32 passengers. Passengers are however allowed to take on reasonably heavy hand luggage as long as it complies with international hand luggage size requirements. It is also possible to pay excess baggage fees at a rate of Rp 25.000 per kg. To make your visit to us as easy as possible we can arrange all your domestic flight needs through our partner Travel Agent, Patapulo Tours & Travel which is based in Makassar. Just send us your international flight details and we’ll do the rest. Patuno Resort Wakatobi also offers all guests a free airport pick up and drop off service. The Resort: The beach side setting of the Patuno Resort Wakatobi along with the preservation of the natural greenery and flowers surrounding the resort enhances the romantic, peaceful and secluded atmosphere at this Wakatobi resort. Natural building materials such as bamboo, teak wood, coconut wood, rattan and palm leaves are used throughout the resort, once again adding to the natural ambiance of this Wakatobi Resort. The rooms There are 3 types of rooms available at Patuno Resort. We have a choice of Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Executive Bungalows. At present the Resort has five Executive Bungalows, ten Deluxe Rooms, and fourteen Standard Rooms. All rooms and Bungalows are fully equipped with air conditioning and powerful hot water showers. Wakatobi Accommodation – Bathroom of Deluxe Room – Patuno Resort Standard Rooms are either double or twin, with en-suite bathrooms. Other facilities include; mini bar refrigeration unit, inter hotel-telephone system, and a balcony area shared with 1 neighboring room. Towels and sandals are provided for your comfort and convenience. Deluxe Rooms are either double or twin, with en-suite bathrooms. Other facilities include; flat screen TV with a range of channels, mini bar refrigeration unit, hot water kettle and tea/coffee making facility, inter-hotel telephone service, and a private balcony area. Towels, sandals and a complimentary beauty kit are provided for your comfort. Wakatobi Accommodation – Deluxe Room Twin – Patuno ResortWakatobi Restaurant – Patuno Resort Executive Suites have large bathrooms with a bathtub, spacious washbasin area, WC, and powerful hot shower. Slippers, sandals, towels, bathrobes, and a complimentary beauty kit are provided for your comfort and convenience. The bedroom area is equipped with a king sized bed, spacious wardrobe space, mini-bar refrigeration unit, flat screen TV with a range of channels, inter-hotel telephone system, hot water kettle for coffee/tea making facilities, an easy chair, and a relaxing sofa area. An extra bed can be requested in all rooms whenever necessary for a small extra charge. Room rates include a complimentary buffet breakfast for 2 people. The breakfast buffet offers; homemade breads, toast and preserves, omelets and eggs cooked to your liking, banana pancakes and syrup, porridge, cereals, Indonesian fried rice and other local specialties, fresh fruit, fruit juices, tea, and coffee. The Restaurant Our spacious restaurant comfortably seats 80 inside and 30 outside on the scenic jetty restaurant. The restaurant bar area is open-sided enabling you to enjoy the beachside atmosphere and natural surroundings of the Patuno Resort Wakatobi. For honeymooners and those seeking a more romantic setting our jetty restaurant on the water is just the thing. Our varied menu incorporating a range of European, Asian and local Indonesian Cuisine is sure to delight you, and with much of the produce coming fresh from the Resort’s Wakatobi gardens you are sure to be impressed by the high quality and nutritious dishes served by our team of friendly, helpful and efficient staff. The Bar Our well stocked bar offers a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy a refreshing sunset aperitif on the jetty restaurant, a cool beer after a busy day diving, a soothing glass of wine, or a cheeky nightcap. Our extensive range of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails is designed to cater for all and we’re sure you will not be disappointed. The chill out areas Relax on our comfortable beach side kabanas. Order cocktails from the bar, read a book, have a light meal or snack, chat with friends, take a siesta…the choice is yours! Another favourite chill out area is the library, which is equipped with comfortable sofas inside and a choice of easy chair recliners or table and chairs out on the balcony area which offers scenic views overlooking the beach and sea. Ideal for chilling out with a book or tapping into the free WIFI connection. The Ballroom Our grand ballroom is well suited for large weddings, functions, business conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. At full size the grand ballroom measures ???? x ???? meters and can comfortably accommodate more than 200 people for a seated meal. For smaller parties the ballroom can be broken down into 2 or 3 sections using its discreet sliding walls, meaning that smaller parties won’t get lost inside! The ballroom is fully equipped with a portable stage area, large projection screens and lighting system, and a state of the art sound system. The Meeting Rooms Our spacious and comfortable executive meeting room (also known as the library) is situated above the reception area and provides you with the perfect place to receive guests or relax privately with friends. The meeting room has its own private bathrooms, shower and kitchen areas attached and its large balcony area offers great sea views. This area is also well suited for small business meetings and our food and beverage department can provide drinks and snacks for coffee breaks. The transport Patuno Resort Wakatobi has a minibus seating 16 guests, which available for comfortable air-conditioned airport transfers, which are free to all guests. The minibus is also used for local city tours and our guests are ensured comfortable transportation while staying at Patuno Resort Wakatobi. The Swimming Pool The swimming pool is currently under construction and it is hoped that it will be finished and ready for use along with a poolside cocktail bar by July 2011. However please do not worry that the construction work will disturb your holiday, as the pool is being constructed in a secluded area at the far end of the resort. Things to Do at Patuno Resort Wakatobi We have lots of activities and things to keep you busy during your stay at Patuno Resort Wakatobi so you need not worry about getting bored ! Read through the following options and have a think about how you would like to spend your Wakatobi vacation. Diving Of course Scuba Diving is one of the main activities offered at Patuno Resort Wakatobi, as the Wakatobi Marine National park is most famous for it’s underwater paradise. Our professional Wakatobi Dive Centre offers a range of PADI dive courses and Wakatobi diving day trips. If your a qualified diver we are sure you will enjoy our range of Wakatobi diving day trips and if you haven’t yet tried scuba diving then here is your chance, just get in touch and sign yourself up for a Discover Scuba Diving Session or a Scuba Diver Course. Snorkeling For non-dives (and divers!) snorkeling on our home reef offers a great way to relax and enjoy the colourful and vibrant Wakatobi coral reefs. We offer guided snorkeling trips, by boat or directly from the beach. Rest assured that our knowledgeable guides will look after you, take you to the best Wakatobi snorkeling spots, and point out all sorts of interesting fish and invertebrate species. For the more intrepid among you, feel free to step out of your bungalow onto the beach and take a short swim out to the reef. We just ask that you remember to go in pairs and that you check in with the dive centre staff to let us know your plans, and also so that they can fill you in on any local information regarding possible currents and conditions. Wakatobi Whale & Dolphin Watching Trips Join us for a Wakatobi whale & dolphin watching trip. This offers a great chance to see dolphins, pilot whales and sometimes larger whales such as sperm whales and grey whales, in their natural environment. Our knowledgeable guides can regularly find these beautiful species, and you will find that the playful nature of the dolphins and pilot whales means that they often follow our boats ducking and diving in the waves and surf. They often come so close enabling us to hear their high pitched clicking and squeaking, and enabling us to see the details and expressions on their intelligent faces. This trip is a must for all animal lovers! Trips generally take 2-4 hours and prices include snacks and soft drinks. Jet Skiing Patuno Resort Wakatobi has 2 jet ski’s available for guests to hire. Partake in some Wakatobi watersports and join our experienced guides for an exhilarating ride. You can even have a go at driving one yourself ! Jet Skis are hired out for 20 minute intervals and prices are on a per person basis (min 2 people). Prices include guides and the compulsory use of life jackets. For safety reasons we have designated jet ski areas and we request that guests strictly adhere to these rules at all times. Banana Boat Rides Bounce along the top of the Wakatobi Waves sitting astride our banana boat (up to 6 riders). Don a lifejacket, hold on tight, and be prepared to fall in! This sure is good fun for all the family, adventurous couples, or groups of friends. It is sure to make you laugh out loud if not scream with glee! Banana boat rides are also calculated on a per person basis per 20 minutes (min 2 people). Towed Tubing Lie on your belly aboard a disk shaped tube and hold on tightly as our motor boat tows you skimming across the waves. The motor boat will make sharp turns and your task is to try not to fall in – although it is always more fun if you do! Life jackets are compulsory as you are bound to fall in so be prepared to get very wet! Bajo village WakatobiLocal Fresh Water caves where locals go to wash and bathe – Wakatobi Rubber Dingy Hire If you prefer to take things more slowly then hire a rubber dingy and quietly row your way around the bay. Early mornings and late afternoons are the perfect time for this and if you’re feeling romantic you can order a packed lunch from our restaurant and take your sweetheart off for some quiet time and discover a secluded beach up the coast from the resort. Alternatively if you’re looking for some exercise a spell of vigorous rowing is a great way to work up a sweat, and an appetite for breakfast ! Traditional Style Sailing in Dugout Canoes Join one of our local guides and learn how to sail a small dug out canoe with a bamboo mast and a plastic sail. A great pastime on days when there is a strong breeze to whip up your sails and carry you across the bay. Learn the fine art of catching the breeze without capsizing the canoe, and also how to steer using just a paddle. Be prepared for relentlessly bailing out water with a scoop, as these local canoes are known for being quite leaky! Great fun and ideal for 2-3 people at a time. Traditional weaving and sarong making – WakatobiWakatobi Traditional Dancing Bicycle Rental We have 5 bikes for hiring out to our more adventurous guests. There are some great mountain biking trails around the Wangi-Wangi island and it is a great way to get out and about and to see the Wakatobi countryside and to observe the way that the local Wakatobi farmers and fishermen work and live. Cultural Village Tours We offer a couple of different cultural village tours and half day trips. The range of activities included in cultural trips are; visit a traditional market, visit a historic fort, visit a Bajo sea nomad village on stilts and see how these amazing people have survived living literally on and in the water for centuries. Also visit a seaweed farming village and learn how these people make a living by farming seaweed, visit old ladies who weave the traditional Wakatobi material which is used by local communities for all number of garments, and also visit a holy spring which locals believe to bring youthfulness, beauty and good luck to all who wash their faces with the holy water. Traditional Dance Ceremony If you are interested in watching traditional music and dances we can arrange cultural evenings at the resort or afternoon trips out to a village (Min 8 people). Colourfully dressed dancers along with their accompanying band or drummers and musicians offer interesting entertainment and guests are often invited to learn the steps and join in the dancing. This is a great way to become familiar with Wakatobi culture. Campfire & Beach BBQ For small groups of guests (min 8 people) we can organise campfire and BBQ evenings on the beach. If this is something you are interested in please let us know. The Dive Centre Patuno Resort Wakatobi offers a professionally run Wakatobi dive centre headed by a well qualified and experienced PADI Instructor who has been diving in the Wakatobi area for over eight years. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands when diving in the Wakatobi with Patuno Resort Wakatobi. Our attention to detail is second to none and PADI safety standards and procedures are strictly adhered to at all times. We are currently in the process of applying for PADI Resort Status, which will enable us to further ensure guests of our professionalism and expertise, so please watch this space. With 15 sets of well-maintained and regularly serviced Scuba Pro Dive Equipment, you can rest assured that your dive equipment needs will be met when diving with us in the Wakatobi. For guests bringing their own dive equipment we offer individual and allocated storage areas in our spacious dive shed. Wakatobi Dive Center – Dive Equipment – Patuno Resort WakatobiAt present Patuno Resort Wakatobi has 3 dive boats, each comfortably accommodating up to seven divers. Each boat has two 40HP engines which enable us to quickly reach many of the Wakatobi’s remote dive sites. For more information on our range of Wakatobi Diving Day Trips click here. Our dive center is equipped with a compressor which is capable of filling 4 tanks per hour and with our set of 25 tanks you can rest assured that there will always be full tanks available. Our full range of safety equipment includes; life jackets, first aid kits, emergency oxygen kits, life rings, safety sausages, emergency satellite phone, and GPS. Wakatobi Dive center offers the full range of PADI dive training courses from PADI Open Water up to PADI Divemaster, and at present we can offer all courses in English or Indonesian. Out the front of the Patuno Resort Wakatobi we have an ideal area for confined water training, theory classes are taken in the Patuno Resort Wakatobi’s comfortable library/meeting room, and Open Water dives are taken on the spectacular reefs surrounding this Wakatobi resort. Our team of dive staff are all in the process of being trained up to PADI Divemaster level, and along with our head PADI Instructor they will take care of your diving needs throughout your Wakatobi dive trip. The Dive Sites A wide range of world class Wakatobi dive sites are easily accessible from Patuno Resort Wakatobi. The stunning home reef offers fantastic Wakatobi diving and snorkeling, and is situated just a short swim away from the long white-sand beach which fringes the entire length of the resort. A small speed boat can also be used to access the dive sites on the home reef. Divers can enjoy a number of different home reef dives accompanied by a PADI Dive Master guide, and home reef dives can be boat dives or shore dives depending on conditions and diver preferences. Species regularly seen on the home reef include; schooling jack, schooling trevallies, a myriad of colourful fusiliers, reef sharks, and even the occasional passing hammerhead shark. Patuno Resort Wakatobi also offers a number of exciting Wakatobi Diving Day Trips taking divers further afield and enabling you to explore many more of our favourite Wakatobi dive sites. Room Rates : Standard Room : Rp. 500.000/night/single or double including breakfast Deluxe Room : Rp. 750.000/night/single or double including breakfast Executive Room : Rp. 1.500.000/night/single or double including breakfast Additional Government tax 10% from above rates All rates include: * FREE Airport transfers * Welcome drink on arrival * Breakfast for 2 people Dive Rates : Patuno Home Reef : Rp. 350.000/dive Waelumu & Waha Area : Rp. 450.000/dive (Including: Boat, PADI Divemaster Guide, tanks & weights) Full Set of Dive Equipment Rental : Rp. 150.000/day/set (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuite, Fins, Mask & Snorkel) Wakatobi Diving Day Trip Price per Person per Day Trip : Rp. 1,350,000 (min 2 pax) Patuno & Waha Area : Rp. 1,400,000 (min 2 pax) Sombu & Wandoka Area : Rp. 1,400,000 (min 2 pax) Karang Gurita & Matahora Area : Rp. 1,500,000 (min 2 pax) Kapota Area : Rp. 1,600,000 (min 2 pax) Hoga Area : Rp. 1,700,000 (min 2 pax) All Wakatobi Diving Day Trip Prices include; * up to 3 dives * boat transport * PADI Divemaster Guide * tanks & weights * lunch, drinking water, soft drinks & snacks Waelumu & Waha Diving Diving Day Trip This Wakatobi Diving Day Trip offers 3 great dives suitable for advanced divers with some experience. These sites offer some of the Wakatobi’s finest diving, and are considered suitable for advanced divers due to the sometimes challenging currents. Dive 1 – Waelumu Tip. This dive is at the tip of the long barrier reef which stretches out in front of Patuno Resort Wakatobi and ends in front of the Waelumu village area.This steep wall drops from 5 meters down to about 35 meters where it turns into a sandy slope which continues to extends down into the depths. A great dive where schooling barracuda and big eye trevallies are common, as are passing white tip and black tip reef sharks and dog tooth tuna. The wall teams with a huge variety of gorgonian sea fans of all different colours making it often easy to find pygmy seahorses, particularly Colemans Pygmys. The 5 meter tip of this barrier reef makes for a enjoyable safety stop, where you can take your time enjoying the table corals and panorama of colourful soft corals. Dive 2 -Waelumu Channel. The entry for this dive is close to the Waelumu Tip dive site, however we take a different direction and follow a deeper reef crest through the channel, where currents are sometimes challenging. The challenging currents and deeper reef leads to a site which is teaming with all kinds of different schooling fish such as red snapper, brassy drummers, macarel, and trevallies. Barracudas, dog tooth tuna, turtles, and reef sharks are also commonly seen. Once again a reef with an abundance of sea fans increases the likelihood of spotting pygmy sea horses, and a few different varieties have been spotted here. After taking on the currents in the channel you come to a sheltered coral garden surrounded by a gentle sandy slope making for a relaxing safety stop where you can look for critters and watch thousands of little fish dance around you. Dive 3 – Waha Wall. This wall is teeming with a huge variety of corals, huge barrel sponges and sea fans and it plunges to depths of 60m or more. This is a great site for passing pelagic fish such schooling tuna and eagle rays. It is possible to experience schools of spawning bumphead wrasse and parrot fish. There are many turtles, trevallies, and myriads of other fish in every direction. There are also many things to interest macro-lovers, if you can focus and tear your eyes away from the colorful bigger picture! Commonly we see a variety of nudibranches, leaf scorpion fish, porceline crabs, and many more interseting critters. This dive is suitable for beginner divers as well as advanced divers as currents here are generally mild or non-existent. Sombu & Wandoka Diving Day Trip This Wakatobi Diving Day Trip offers another 3 great dives and is suitable for beginner divers as well as advanced divers. Dive 1 – Wandoka Pinnacle. Located almost in front of the local town of Wanci, on the West coast of Wangi-Wangi Island, this pinnacle has its top at 4m, and continues along a ridge to 18m and up again to a second hill with the top at 10m. The whole area is very rich in fan corals, soft corals, lush bushes of halimeda algae, big sponges and lots of crevices. Diving along in drift you can see schooling fish such as big eye jacks, black and red snappers, butterfly fish, tunas and some turtles. On the reef there are chances to find pygmy seahorse, mantis shrimps, orangutan crabs, nudibranchs, and other critters. The dive ends on the shallow top (4m) where precious juvenile wrasses, leaf scorpion fish and false stone fish can be found. This site is best dived with some current. Dive 2 – Alice in Wonderland. This dives offers a bit of all, coral garden, sand slope, wall. The central part is a very pretty garden that starts at 5m and slopes down to 20m and continues deeper as a sandy slope. Eagle rays, mobula rays and schooling bumphead parrotfish are occasionally passing by on the slope. On the sides the garden is getting steeper, ending on two steep points – with a top around 8m and bottom of more than 50m. The points are usually swept by current and their walls are full of fan corals, soft corals and lots of fish. Bargibanti pygmys seahorse are not uncommon and Coleman’s pygmyn spotted as well. Dive 3 – Sombu Karang Gurita & Matahora Area Diving Day Trip Kapota Island Diving Day Trip

Tukang Besi, Hoga Island Resort

Tukang Besi Islands Resorts

 Hoga Island Resort


The Island of Hoga – WAKATOBI ISLANDS AND ATOLL Have you ever dived along a reef that was totally packed with invertebrate life so abundant that hardly any bare rock is visible? You haven’t? Well, the waters of the Banda Sea off Hoga Island await you. There are no roads on the island, just a small fishing village at the other side. The last 10 years Hoga became well known in the university world because of the scientists and students from Operation Wallacea who are working here. Diving at Hoga Tukangbesi Diving is one of the unique places in the world where you will see incredibly colourful reefs in one of the most bio-diverse regions of the Indo-Pacific. The reefs are so unspoiled, that they explode with life. There are some fantastic pinnacles, bridges, and a blue hole and sea-grass bed, which makes the place a dream world. There are many different types of diving, mostly wall drift dives. As the place is so remote, there is hardly any chance to see other divers underwater, apart from your boat members, the resort is kept small. Snorkelling is a great way to relax on de-gas days or for those of you who don’t dive. It is just a stroll from your cottage to the waters edge and then across the sea-bed also teeming with life and out to the reef and the drop-off. The diving is getting more special when the bajo ‘sea nomad’ children from the nearby village come with you on your dive. They are of course great free-divers which is a wonderful opportunity to take underwater photographs of them when they are fishing with their home-made harpoons. Local dive masters will show you the beauty of the tremendous amount of species. The number of species is 10 times more, compared to the Caribbean dive sites. All of these factors combined, lend to the most spectacular and relaxed diving. The resort can handle groups of 10 divers. They have to be experienced divers. The best season for diving is from March till December. Hoga Island Resort The wooden houses on stilts are overlooking the ocean. Meals are served on the beach or in the small restaurant. In the morning you are woken up by different kind of birds. When you are lucky you can see the endangered coconut crabs. At night when walking through the resort you will see trees alight, full of fireflies. One of the great pastimes in the evening is to take a walk along the beach in the splash zone and watch your footprints light up with the bio-luminescence. To end a day you can make a campfire on the beach and watch the stars, a great way to relax after a days diving. The dive resort is heavily involved in the local community and has set up a charity organization with the primary focus of giving children the opportunity to have an education. Hoga Island Resort offers diving for USD US$ 120,- per person per day. The above price includes: – 2 boat dives a day, including belt, weigths and tanks – accomodation in traditional wooden style built on stilts, overlooking the ocean – meals and hot drinks – tour to the sea nomade village Pick up at Wanci airport, and transfer to Hoga cost USD US$100,- (1 -4 people) Full set rental equipment USD US$ 35,- Location Hoga Island is part of the Tukang Besi archipelago, located off S.E. Sulawesi. In 1996 these waters were a designated marine park, now it is the second largest protected marine park in Indonesia. When you read how to get to this island it might strike you as too much trouble, but I can tell you it is worth the effort. To get there is a great adventure itself and besides that a gradual acclimatization to this part of the world. The island has no roads and has only one small village. Sightseeing SAMPELA – (from Hoga) Sampela is a village from the Bajau people which is only ten minutes from Hoga by boat. The Bajau are seanomades who used to live in big canoes, nowadays they live in this village which is built on poles in the sea. This is a great opportunity to learn something about their culture and take some wonderful pictures. MANGROVES – (from Hoga) Visiting the mangroves by Bajau canoe is a special experience. It is also possible to dive in the mangrove forest. How to get to Hoga Island, Wakatobi. From Jakarta or Bali it can be possible to travel to Hoga in one day.  Everyday except on monday there is a fligh from Makassar to Wanci with Expressair.

Tukang Besi, Wakatobi Dive Resort

Tukang Besi Islands Resorts

Wakatobi Dive Resort


Our intimate, eco-friendly resort is located in the Wakatobi archipelago in remote Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia where we are the only fully licenced dive tourism operator. The resort itself is situated on a small island locally called Onemobaa. Our island is beside Tomia Island, one of four major islands covering an area of 821 sq. km. The beautiful resort is built directly at the seaside, with all bungalows spaced along our exquisite beach.
The main Loungehouse contains all the common guest facilities such as the dive centerThere is also a rental equipment room, dining area, kitchen, video lounge and marine life reference library as well as storage rooms, the bar and bathrooms.
Wakatobi Resort in IndonesiaOur team of renowned chefs prepare ample, delicious meals using exclusively flown-in and imported produce and a touch of magic.
Our Accomodations
What used to be a simple and very remote outpost has over the years been transformed into a beautifully crafted and very comfortable remote outpost. All rooms have both air-conditioning and ceiling fans.
The Loungehouse
The main house has been converted to common areas / lounge space / library / projector room and a shop.
The Bungalows
We have three levels of bungalows in addition to the latest addition which is our Cliff Villas .All Bungalows are of equal floor size and what sets them apart is their location and appointment level. With a balcony in front .There’s a desk with internet access, a mini-bar and a safe (not that you’ll need it really).
slightly newer.