Tolitoli, Raja of Tolitoli

Tolitoli, Raja of Tolitoli

Tolitoli is located in middle Sulawesi.Tolitoli_tone

Present Raja: Raja Haji Mohammad Anwar Bantilan.

Only in the area of Tolitoli in Middle-Sulawesi/Sulawesi Tengah the local dynasty plays a similar role in the local government as we can see in the Yogjakarta area.
The Bantilan dynasty of Tolitoli still plays a strong role in the local government. The present bupati: Prince Haji Mohammad Saleh Bantilan, is the son of the present raja: Raja Haji Mohammad Anwar Bantilan.

In the modern time Tolitoli and Buol formed a kabupaten (district) together, but in 1999 the central Indonesian governement allowed, that Tolitoli became a seperate kabupaten.
Because of the role Raja Mohammad Yahya Bantilan, like the sultan of Yogjakarta had played before, in and after the 2nd World War for the nationalistic caus.

Palu, Raja of Palu

Palu, Raja of Palu


Again the present need of Indonesian people to see their need for their local
identity fullfilled again happened on 6 april 2011. Then His Highness Prince
Drs. Haji Longki Djanggola; MSi of Palu,bupati of Parigi Moutong from 2008, was
elected as the new governor of Middle Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tenggah).
Before that, he was already a settled and experienced politician.
He is coming from the direct line of the magau (raja) dynasty of Palu.
He is the son of Prince Yoto Djanggola, who is the oldest son of Magau Djanggola, who
ruled 19218-died 1945. A son of a younger brother of this raja then was ruling
for a while. The father of Magau Djanggola was Prince Lapariusi, who was the
oldest son of Magau Yojokodi Tomesiema, who ruled 1876-1906. Because Prince
Lapariusi was sick at the time his father died, his younger brother Parampasi
ruled in his place.
The line Magau Yojokodi can be drawn back more generations. Sometimes a sideline
ruled for a while.
One of the fellow candidates of the governorship of Sualwesi Tengah is another
royal bupati of this area: Drs. Haji Mohammad Maruf Bantilan; son of the last
ruling Magau of Toli Toli; Magau Haji Mohammad Yahya Bantilan (1926-29,1944-46,
1957-19..). Although he gave the raja title to his uncle Magau Haji Anwar
Bantilan, because of his political career, he is the actual magau of Toli Toli
and very popular in his area.
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Sejarah: link

Muna, Raja of Muna

Muna, Raja of Muna


Muna is also one major tribe in Southeast Sulawesi , the language of the indigenous population also uses muna . This area formerly was a kingdom in the early 15th century . Many relics were found in the caves in this area are expected to be made in the XV and XVI centuries humans fly like a painting , a soldier armed with a lance and others.

We don’t have information about the situation today.

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Manggabarani, Raja of Manggabarani

Manggabarani, Raja of Manggabarani


Andi Paduka Ahmad Beso Manggabarani (Petta Mado ‘) under the Umbrella Lellu’ greatness with heirloom sword slipped Su’dang Taeng auspicious. 2011

Manggabarani is a principality on Sulawesi.

We have no more information about this principality.

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Excellency Drs. Andi Ahmad Beso Manggabarani (black suits) under Lellu ‘(Umbrella stemmed 4) typical kingdom Suppa was getting ready to go governorates.

Mamuju, Raja of Mamuju

Mamuju, Raja of Mamuju


The man on his right is Maradia (raja) Andi Maksun Dai of Mamuju with his wife.

Present Raja (2013): Raja Mamuju H Andi Maksum Dai

Mamuju is a principality on West Sulawesi.

Mamuju is one of the most important of the 9 principalities of Mandar area. Mandar area (in W-Sulawesi) was before known for his people with a soldierlike character.

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