Lembeh, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort

Lembeh, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort


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Did you ever want to get away from it all? Leave the rest of the world behind you? If you can do without aircon and luxury, then certainly Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort is the place for you to go. Our eight beach bungalows built in traditional Minahasa wood cottage style nestle in below high cliffs on the top end of a 1.5 km white sandy beach. From your window you have a spectacular view to Mt. Tangkoko National Park and Lembeh Strait. No one will disturb your privacy here as the nearest village and road are 15 minutes away… It feels like being on a remote island. You will find the wooden cottages simple, but clean and comfortable. Four beachfront bungalows have an Indonesian style mandi, but are equipped with European style sitting toilets. Mandi is a bassin filled with water. Take the water from the bassin and pour it over you! Two deluxe beachfront bungalows have a western style shower (lukewarm water) and sitting toilet, springbed and a large veranda. Two smaller bungalows, equipped with Indonesian style bathrooms and sitting toilets, are especially designed for single travellers or travellers on a tight budget. You will be cared for by our local staff from the village of Pulisan who are descendants of the Sangihese. As former fishing people and gardeners they are trained and educated within the project. You will find the traditional cooking delicious which includes fresh superior seafood, enriched by a choice of local vegetables. We also care for Vegetarians. As tourism is only very recent in this remote area you can look forward to a very authentic cultural experience. The Sangihese are great hosts. A safe alternative to remote Togean Islands & busy Bunaken The resort is easily accessible in just a 2 hour drive from Manado, the capital of Indonesia’s North Sulawesi Province. It is situated just around Cape Pulisan which is the utmost North-East of the North Sulawesi’s Minahasa Peninsula. Snorkelers and divers will be thrilled by the uniqueness of the marine life of the nearby Bangka island archipelago with Gangga, Lihaga, Talisei as well as in the world of diving renowned Lembeh Strait (30 – 60 boat minutes). If you snorkel, dive or enjoy in the land activities we offer, this wild-romantic area is one of the best Indonesia can offer. Once you stroll along the beach which is shadowed by the outskirts of a jungle that still hosts black tailless macaque monkeys, Maleo birds and red-knobbed hornbills you might imagine yourself in paradise. The beach is also frequented by giant sea turtles to hatch. Tangkoko National Park is only a 40 boat minutes ride away. If you enjoy in nature, snorkeling, diving, fishing the traditional way, paddling an outrigger canoe along spectacular pancake rock cliffs – there are lots of activities. Cycle around Tondano lake, hike a volcano or explore the Minahasa Highlands the easy way by car. We also have a motorbike for hire.

Lembeh, Divers Lodge Lembeh

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Divers Lodge Lembeh



Divers Lodge Lembeh is situated on the south west tip of Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. There are no roads on the Island. There are some villages and settlements, but none in the immediate vicinity of the resort. The resort can only be reached by boat from the town of Bitung across the Strait. The resort is situated on a ridge and is an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty, surrounded by 25 hectares of protected area. In the west is Lembeh Strait and in the south and east you see the beautiful Bay of Walenokoko and the Maluku Sea. In this environment you may see a wide variety of big butterflies, monitor lizards, many species of birds like the king fisher and sea eagle and, with a bit of luck, after sunset even the tarsier monkey.

Lembeh, Black sand Resort

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Black sand Resort



Each coconut-wood bungalow offers wondrous views over Kambahu Bay and Lembeh Strait. The bedroom is equipped with both a ceiling fan and a/c for your comfort, with complimentary drinking water, coffee and tea close at hand. Each unit also has a walk-in closet to keep your bags and belongings organized and out of the way as well as a walled open-air “Bali-style” garden bathroom with a hot water shower to help reheat you after long repetitive dives.

Lembeh, Kasawari Resort

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Kasawari Resort



The villas and facilities of Kasawari have been carefully laid out in a relatively compact area amid a mature, lush tropical garden, coconut trees and well-manicured lawns. Each villa is less than a minute’s leisurely stroll from the resort’s facilities and dive center. The eight deluxe and two Kasawari villas, although still retaining the traditional Minahasan look and feel, have been designed and fitted out to provide for high level of comfort and luxury for our guests. Each villa comprises spacious air-conditioned bedroom with handmade terrazzo flooring and an over-sized bathroom that incorporates both indoor and outdoor shower areas with abundant hot-water supply. Individual climate control, comfortable beds and fluffy quilt blanket will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep before next day’s diving.

Lembeh, Nad Resort

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Nad Resort



With ten rooms and four bungalows on site, the resort blends seamlessly into a beautiful green backdrop of native flora fronting a small beach and wonderful house reef dive. Our “Eco Friendly” design allows us to keep our rates reasonably low and our standards high while enabling us to show a high level of personalized service in all departments. If you are planning your first trip to Lembeh Island or have been here many times over the years, please join us at NAD for an experience you won’t soon forget, both below the water and in the comfort of your new home away from home. Our food constantly gets fantastic reviews, prepared fresh from ingredients you are sure to find every meal a delightful surprise.

Lembeh, SDQ Lembeh Resort

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SDQ Lembeh Resort


DQ Resort is a cosy laid-back place that feels like it’s run by a group of friends. It only has 5 rooms, so at full occupancy, there are 10 guests. This means the guest to guide ratio remains nice and small, and the place never feels crowded. From a high-maintenance girl point of view, it only takes a day to get used to the no-frills features. In no time, I found myself enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, the pleasant breeze, the staff who smile with sincerity and who remember your name, the good home-cooked food, and the joys of talking to Pino and BeeGee, the best public relations officers I’ve ever met.

Lembeh, Lembeh Resort

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Lembeh Resort


Lembeh Resort, a spectacular boutique style resort, is situated on Lembeh Island and perched above the beautiful Strait. The property is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and blends perfectly into the landscape. All guest cottages boast spacious verandahs for perfect views of glorious North Sulawesi sunsets and an intimate connection with nature. Modern amenities including air-conditioning ensure your comfort and relaxation

Lembeh, Kungkungan Bay Resort

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Kungkungan Bay Resort


In harmony with the surrounding nature, Kungkungan Bay Resort, or just ‘KBR’ to its many fans, is built on a former coconut plantation. Kungkungan faces the Lembeh Strait and guests dining in the over-the-water restaurant have an unfettered view of this unique and peaceful setting.

Facilities at KBR include a private jetty with camera rinse tanks and hot showers, swimming pool with swim-up bar, lounge, internet access and lending library. Restaurant service is available 24-hours of every day. By the end of 2004, the resort’s facilities will be enhanced with the opening of a health spa to cater to your every need from traditional massage to coiffeur treatments or sauna.

Lembeh, Bastianos Lembeh Resort

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Bastianos Lembeh Resort


One of the richest areas of marine diversity in the world, Lembeh Strait is now a popular dive destination for lovers of all critters great and small! Along the strait’s 12 kilometers are packed an uncountable number of rare critters : octopuses, frogfishes, shrimps, nudibranches and seahorses — at more than 20 dive sites between the mainland of North Sulawesi and Lembeh Island.
Bastianos, an established dive center and resort based on Bunaken Island, has built a second relaxing resort on the west coast of Lembeh Island called Bastianos Lembeh Diving Resort. With beachfront view of Lembeh Strait, your rooms are minutes away from some of the best dive-sites on the planet.