Sulawesi North, Banka Island, Bangka Lagoon DIVING & NATURE RESORT

Sulawesi North
 Banka Island, Bangka Lagoon DIVING & NATURE RESORT


Welcome to Bangka Lagoon DIVING & NATURE RESORT

Welcome to Bangka Lagoon DIVING & NATURE RESORT and thank you for visiting! Our small eco dive resort just off the north coast of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, is where nature takes its course. Our cottages are beautifully set on a 3 hectare coconut and cashew nut plantation. There is a unique lagoon and private beach for the visitors of the Bangka Lagoon resort only.

Surrounded by one of the world’s most versatile diving sites, Bangka Lagoon DIVING & NATURE RESORT offers a unique diving experience. Untouched and far away from the typical touristic dive sites we have proven to many to offer the

“best diving in the world” for a very competitive price.

Through Gecko Dive Center we offer diving opportunities at not only Bangka Island but also Bunaken National Park and Lembeh Strait. Dive combination packages can be organized based on personal request and scuba dive experience.

Experienced local dive guides are available to guide you through the underwater wonders around Bangka and surrounding islands. Diving at Bangka Island is unique because they offer secluded dive sites and amazing pinacles. Expect to see more than you ever imagined possible on daily dive trips!

We offer not only PADI dive courses but also snorkel tours.

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