Jayapura, Holtekamp Beach

Jayapura, Holtekamp Beach


Indonesia-tourism Holtekamp Beach is located in Muara Tami district of the city of Jayapura, Papua. is approximately 50 miles from downtown Jayapura. Holtekamp beach this is one side of the bay is a a trademark Yotefa residing in the city of Jayapura.

The beach is quite clean, white sand and ramps, if the waves are not large, visitors can bathe in the sand while playing Holtekamp coast. The number and waving palm trees make this beach is quite calm.

Jayapura, Hamadi Beach

Hamadi Beach, Jayapura

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Hamadi beach is located in the southern part of the city of Jayapura, Papua province. Hamadi beach is the place where the scars of a world war-2, which are the first point of landing amphibious Allied forces in 1944 before continuing their journey to higher ground. The beach is approximately a total of approximately 5 hectares of square have a special attraction. Where in addition to storing a history of world wars-2, this beach also has a natural beauty that is feast for the eyes of the visitors are arriving.

Coastal area surrounded by green trees, which provide an atmosphere of coolness while driving along the road to the beach. Erotic and harmonious atmosphere feels when you are among the mangrove forests are found around the coast this Hamadi, provides its own colors and flavors for you to enjoy.

The beauty of the beach owned by Hamadi beach is also not less great with beautiful trees found around the coast. White sand beaches stretching from the tip, as if we indulge the sidelines for a while sunbathing beach. In addition you can indulge yourself with white sand on this beach, you can also look closely at some of the tombs and relics directly allied forces located on the southern coast of Hamadi.

If you want to relax for a moment to enjoy the beach air is so fresh, it also own a beach where you can relax for a moment. Surrounding community has provided cottages for you to relax and enjoy the air out of the ocean. This beach has also been providing a place for you to spend the night, with a distance of approximately 300 meters towards the north coast of Hamadi.

Apart from coastal areas, there is a market called Hamadi market with the distance less than about 1 kilometer you will be able to see some handicrafts pity if you miss it for granted and would be very unfortunate if you do not have the craft items.


Hamadi beach is located in the southern district of Jayapura, Jayapura regency, Papua province.

For tourists who want to visit the beach Hamadi, can begin the journey from the city of Papua provincial capital Jayapura. Of the city, Jayapura, to ride public transportation to the direction of Jayapura south with the cost of Rp. 2000 *, after which it can be reached by motor vehicles at a cost of Rp. 5000 *. Apart from that, you can also use the vehicles at a cost of  $. 50 / day *

Biak, Warsa Beach

Warsa Beach, Biak


For a little kid who was born and raised in Biak, a small island in the Cendrawasih … My playgrounds were beaches, green hills, and open fields.

Biak, Parai Beach

Parai Beach, Biak


Apart of its fantastic panorama, Biak’s famed Parai Beach has a historical background. It was used as Japanese Military Base during World War II. Parai is located in Biak town and is accesible by car or motorbike. Other nearby beaches are Anggaduber, Bosnik, and Asaibori – all quiet and picturesque. There is also Infendy Beach with its sparkling sand and its waters so clear, reachable within 15 minutes by motorbike or public transport.

Biak, Korem Beach

Korem Beach, Biak


Biak is a small island off the north coast of Papua in Cenderawasih Bay and a transport hub of the region. This island was the scene of horrific battles between the Allies and the Japanese in the Second World War. A strategic airfield of the Japanese was located here and the Americans eventually captured it in the Battle of Biak, fought from 27 May to 17 August 1944 at a cost of almost 3,000 American casualties, with 474 dead; on the Japanese side about 6,100 were killed and 4,000 missing, presumed dead. Thousands of Japanese soldiers kept hiding in a cave named Gua Binsari and refused to come out after allied troops pinned them down on 26 June 1945; drums of petrol were thrown in with bombs and set ablaze; they were all killed. A simple memorial, erected in 1956 by the Japanese government, stands at the entrance.

Biak, Bosnik Beach

Bosnik Beach, Biak


Bosnik, 18km from Kota Biak, is a laid-back village strung along the coast for 2km, where you could happily base yourself for a relaxing few days. Its daily morning market is busiest on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, when Padaido islanders come in biggest numbers. The best section of beach is Pantai Segara Indah at the eastern end, with shelters (30,000Rp per day) and some coloured coral offshore. It’s virtually empty weekdays.

Guesthouse Beach Bosnik, 500m east of the market, has half a dozen spotless upstairs rooms, four of them air-conditioned and two with private bathroom, in a sturdy brick-and-ironwood house facing the sea. Owner Agustina speaks English and meals are available.

Bosnik-route taksi from Kota Biak usually go as far as Opiaref, where the coast road turns inland. You can continue on foot 6km through Opiaref to Marau, Saba and Wadibu, where a road heads 500m inland to join the Anggaduber road. The coral and fish off Pantai Marau make for good snorkelling and diving, as do the rocky islets off Saba.

Anggaduber, 3km beyond Wadibu, has grass-lawned houses and a fine, palm-lined, sandy beach, with good snorkelling towards its western end.

Jayapura, Base-G Beach

Base-G Beach, Jayapura


Beach Party: Members of Tafri tribe perform the Saohara dance at the Port Numbay Festival on Base-G beach in Jayapura, Papua, on Friday.

Manokwari, Amban Beach, Amban

Amban Beach, Amban, Manokwari


Pantai Amban is a beach on the northeast head of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, Papua Province, Indonesia, 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) north of Amban village and 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) north of Manokwari. Surrounded by tropical forest and swampland, the black sand beach is a notable surfing spot.

Jayapura, Amai Beach

Amai Beach, Jayapura

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Amay Beach  is located in  the northern coastal district of  Jayapura.  To be precise in Waija village, Depapare, about 65 KM west side of Jayapura  on a bay in the south of Tanjung Tanah Merah. Its position is  just behind Mount Cyclop.
Unlike other tourist beaches , Amay beach is  not only clean, but  also surrounded by   hills which  become solid walls with  dense forest. Amay beach  is also dotted with freshwater estuaries at the end of the beach which  bring together the salt water from the sea  and fresh water.  From the sources, the rivers bring  crystal clear fresh water which is nice and cool  for bathing, playing, and rinse your  body after swimming in the sea. Other attractions  in this area  are two old  refineries used as fuel storage during the  World War II era.
Besides  swimming, playing and rinsing your body in the river, you can also  rent a cottage at Amay beach. The  price is only  Rp. 100,000 a night. Usually this lodge will offer you fresh  fish caught by local residents. Each cottage usually is well supplied with  firewood and  burning stove for cooking  the  fish.   Under the wonderful blue sky, you can enjoy the sea air while having  dinner with grilled fish,  squid and shrimp.
To get to Amay beach is quite easy. You can use a rental car at Rp. 500,000 a day from Jayapura. It takes just  two hours to reach the. Meanwhile, if you take public transport, of course it will take more time, because it from Jayapura only  goes as far as  Depapare. And that’s after several times changing starting from Jayapura, Abepura, Sentani and Depapare.